This site was created as a hub in helping others understand arguably the most difficult, most challenging, ever evolving, yet truly rewarding off-road car in the industry…. the mod 2wd buggy. There is a popular saying out there that goes something like, “If you can drive a 2wd mod buggy, you can drive anything.” However, mastering this class is not easy. It may take many years before you can enter the realm of a “perfect run”…..maybe even decades……if ever. This site is dedicated in helping others achieve a better understanding and awareness and bringing everyone a step closer to that perfect run.

As of now, I will be focusing my attention on 3 of the most popular 2wd buggies out there…

Team Associated’s B4.2

Team Losi’s 22

Kyosho RB6

Perhaps later, I will be able to add more cars to the stable.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or things you’d like me to try out and review, please contact me at

Thank you!

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