Kyosho RB6

RB6 Aluminun Steering Plate – UMW701

kyosho steering

I had a hunch that Kyosho would start to produce their own aluminum upgrades and here is their 1st piece. Although there are aftermarket companies already producing this piece….they don’t do it in Gunmetal! Or at least…..what Kyosho calls gunmetal. As of now, UMW701 is not on the US website, however it is the Kyosho German website! So if you have broken a few of these in the past, I’d definitely recommend getting a tough alloy piece, but just remember….this will make the steering plate more durable, but might shift the weakest link somewhere else.

I’m also pretty positive we will see more aluminum upgrades from Kyosho for the RB6 like steering crank arms, rear camber plate, servo arm, front susp mount? Oooh and maybe even aluminum front caster blocks that we can use the plastic inserts in?? This is just speculation of course and in no way am I trying to start rumors. I’m also waiting for carbon upgrades like batter strap and rear holder etc. Keep the good times rollin’!

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