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Tresrey DEX210 +10mm Chassis


Tresrey has been working really diligently on making hop-ups for the Durango DEX210 and here is their latest development for this platform and all I can say is WOW! The craftsmanship looks absolutely amazing. I’m really excited to see companies pushing the envelope and releasing products that can help aid us drivers in going faster and faster.

Here is the info from Tresrey’s website

     The CNC machined high precision and high rigidity aluminum main chassis for the Team Durango DEX210 was born in collaboration with MotogoSeiki. This clear anodized aluminum (A7075) long wheel base chassis is 17g lighter than kit standard one even it has +10mm longer length and also is 1.0mm thicker with more rigidity and durability, which gives more traction to the car. This special chassis gives you more stability during running and jumping also it give you more steering performance.
* Made in Japan

Have a look at this machining excellence. Purchase from Tresrey.



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