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Avid Shock Standoffs & Bushings


Nice new shock standoff for your Team Associated rides! These also come in variable lengths as well so I would double check and read carefully before ordering as you might get the wrong parts. 4 sizes are available.

For big bores w/ updated towers for BB shocks. The options are “Short” and “Standard”.

For big bores w/ older shock towers, “+.030” and “+.090”.

The really cool thing here is that these shocks standoff use replaceable derlin bushings! No more metal on metal grinding and wear b/c once you start to wear metal down, it never comes back. That means over time you’ll have to replace either your shock cap, FT shock standoff, or even both! This way, it will only cost you $3.50 for a set of 4 bushings and your shocks tolerances will be good as new.

Get yours directly from AVID here.

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