AE B4.2 / News

JConcepts Titanium Turnbuckles


So you’re probably wondering……”My B4 already has titanium turnbuckles, why do I need these?” As far as I can see, the biggest reason to get the JConcept Turnbuckles is simply STYLE POINTS! Although the blue AE factory ti-turnbuckles look sweet they’re pretty dark, which to me has less “bling” factor than the JConcepts or Lundsford set. For those who like the shiny look to match the titanium screws…this is the set to have. One look and you know these are the JConcepts bad boy buckles.

finn buckles

Okay, for some of you the “bling” is a non-factor….so the other major reason to upgrade your riders is because of the adjustment area is longer and in a hex shape rather than the tradition 4 sided square. This means more angles for you to adjust your turnbuckles which is great for tight spots.

Last reason……..the fins just look tough!

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