2013 Top Notch Series Top 3 Overall

top notch series 2013

The 2013 Top Notch Series just finished up this past weekend. The series would hit 7 different tracks over the past couple months to test Southern California’s best drivers. The championship for each class would be decided by using each drivers 4 best finishes out of 7. Kyosho Team Drivers Lucas Sanford and Josh Mitchell would attend each round of this series and together take home 4 Modified Championships. Lucas Sanford would go onto win the 2wd Modified Buggy and 1/8 Electric Buggy Championships, while Josh Mitchell would win the 4wd Modified Buggy and Modified Truck Championships.

2wd Modified Buggy Top 3 Overall:
1. Lucas Sanford – Kyosho RB6
2. Josh Mitchell – Kyosho RB6
3. Wayne Wyrick – AE

Image and source courtesy of Redrc. Please visit their awesome website for other news!

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