Vortex VS Finnisher Wing – Preview


I’ve been looking forward to bringing this you review for quite some time. If you are a buggy fan, you already know how good the Finnisher wing is. Every track you go to, from novice to pro, you see the Finnisher wing dominating the pits like no other high performance wing has done before. To me…… JConcepts has developed what I would call a “Game Changer”. It is an upgrade that everyone runs b/c it’s sooooo good!

How did they change the game?

Easy…..  Just to name a few things off the top of my head.

1.) They give you 2 wings instead of 1 in a pack. Dialed!

2.) Raised the sides of the wing so it could sit lower, be wide, and operate without tire rub and speed loss. Super Dialed!

3.) Made it thicker than any other wing that was currently out on the market to give you longer lasting performance and more bang for your buck! OMG Dialed!

Undisputedly, the Finnisher is the reigning champ in the world of RC wings. Here comes a legitimate  contender from UpgradeRC. The Vortex 10 Wing.

It’s thicker, it’s got dimples to redirect airflow that helps channel the aero effect, it comes in a pack of 2, and lastly……it has the raised sides for undisturbed championship winning performance. The questions I’d like to answer for you is which is better? How is it better and the next time you decide on a wing…which should you choose? Stay tuned as I will be testing these wings out at my local track hoping to find answers to my questions!

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