Video Monday – Reedy Race Documentary

I think our industry needs more videos like this to better connect with people and expose the fullness of this sport to others who have yet to find it. Whether it’s beginners to expert… great videos can increase the understanding and awareness to give our community even more passion and love. Share the joy of RC with your friends and family. Grow the sport together. Thanks to all the guys who put in the effort to make this video.

The Reedy Race is not just any race. It is a “bucket list” race; a race that most R/C enthusiasts dream of attending! There are two classes run at this race; the Invitation Class which is a mix of the top drivers in the World rankings as well as a few R/C Legends. The other Class is the Open Class. This race is so prestigious that a lottery drawing is conducted for participation in the open class. Only 200 racers are given the honor of competing in the event. CoryD was in attendance to document what it’s like for a top-level pro, as well as the average racer to attend this storied race.
For this episode of “Come Drive With Us”, we featured Ty Tessmann, one of the Worlds top Off-Road drivers. Get a behind the scenes look at Ty’s experience, as well as a host of other popular drivers, at the 20th running of the Reedy Race. See what the “who’s who” of R/C have to say about Mike Reedy and the awesome race he created.

Narrated by Howie Miller, one of Canada’s TOP stand up comics, this episode of “Come Drive With Us” will not disappoint!

Special thanks to LiveRC for some archival footage as well as the Tessmann family for their cooperation as well as some home video of a very young Ty enjoying R/C.

If you are having viewing issues, checkout this video on our Vimeo page:


For an even more in-depth look at this historic race, check out the Extended Edition coming soon!

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