TLR 22

Bell Crank Steering System: 22/2.0/T/SCT

TLR231027 bellcranks


Something all the TLR guys have been waiting for if you didn’t already do your own custom version using RB6 bellcranks or buy the Exotek v.1 or v.2 crank system. This design has been in the works since last year around Nationals time, late August, and now finally slated to be release August 2014.

I’m very happy to see it comes with updated spindles to maximize the geometry rather than seeing just a bellcrank system that’s adapted to the current geometry. It goes to show just how committed TLR is in bringing the best updates to the 22 series cars. Yes it took a long time….but I bet it will be worth the wait. Less aggressive off-center and more low speed steering sounds exactly what my 22 2.0 mm car needed……… sign me up!

I did just receive the Exotek v2 bellcranks system and will be testing it shortly here and give you guys some feedback on how it works vs the stock slider. When the TLR version appears, I’ll do a comparison between the TLR bellcrank system and the Exotek v2 system and see if there is a difference. Here is the descripto straight from TLR’s website!

Key Features

  • Reduced Ackermann – The bell crank steering system provides a reduced amount of Ackermann throughout the turning throw making the vehicle less aggressive off-center and adding steering lower speed due to an increased outside wheel angle
  • No Modification Required – The Bell Crank Steering System will install onto the TLR 22, 22 2.0, 22T, or 22SCT without any modifications to the front bulkhead, servo mounts, or servo location
  • Ball Bearing Steering – The bell cranks mount to ball bearings for super quicker and responsive steering movement without any parts that car wear our prematurely
  • Ackermann Adjustability – The steering tie-rod ball studs are parallel to the kick plane, allowing for adjustment to the Ackermann range by adding or removing ball stud washers for fine tuning of the steering response and feel
  • Everything to make the conversion to the Bell Crank Steering System is included

During our extensive testing and running as a race team, we have found a distinct advantage to a bell crank system for the Team Losi Racing 22 platform vehicles (22, 22 2.0, 22T and 22SCT). The bell cranks create less Ackermann throughout the turning throw making the vehicle less aggressive off-center and adding steering low speed with a greater outside wheel angle. This is a directly bolt on for all 22 platform vehicles and includes ALL parts required including a 22 2.0 and 22SCT specific spindle to convert your TLR vehicle.


TLR234029 spindlesTLR231029 ballcupsTLR231028 cranks

2 thoughts on “Bell Crank Steering System: 22/2.0/T/SCT

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  2. This article is not completely accurate. The bellcrank conversion will not fit with the new spindle on a 1.0 platform vehicle. You must convert to the 2.0 caster blocks, which are not included in the conversion kit in order to run the bellcrank kit with the bellcrank spindles. The bellcrank kit can be run with the slider spindles, but geometry will be compromised.

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