Maifield and Team Associated Part Ways

Probably one of the biggest shake ups we’ve had in the industry just happened today. Team Associated and Ryan Maifield have decided to end their relationship and move in different directions. To a lot of people and mainly Team Associated fans around the world, are probably a bit shocked by the news and are left wondering why in the world would someone leave AE after compiling a huge list of championships. I mean…. Just look at the list! It’s crazy long just how many wins he has had with AE, but for him…. there is one championship he’s still searching for.

Known for his iconic thick gotee and his insane speed on the track, Ryan Maifield is one of the best US drivers of all time. Heck, one of THE best offroad drivers of all time. I’d go as far as saying he’s the best driver that has yet to win a World title and that is why I think RM left. For over 10 years he’s been searching for that coveted crown in 1/8 nitro and 1/10 electric and has failed to do so each and every year. As a competitor, I know this has got to be in the back of his mind as he parts ways to find a new ride that might propel him into being a World Champion and cement his legacy as one of the all time best. I’m sure for a guy like him and as competitive as he is… it would be a dream come true. Otherwise, why leave?

Yes, he’s a much more mature driver than he used to be and his age will sooner or later start to play a bigger factor in his ability to win a World title so why not mix it up and go for broke to see if he can really get it done. In other sports, this happens all the time. Lebron James leaves Cleveland for the Miami heats and eventually wins a title… in fact 2 titles back to back. Randy Johnson leaves the Mariners and wins his 1 and only title with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Even Portland’s own beloved Clyde Drexler couldn’t get it done and switched to the Houston Rockets and eventually he got his ring with Hakeem. In F1, Lewis Hamilton left his long time home team, McLaren, in search of ANOTHER world title, but this time with Mercedes. It just goes to show that in the end, winning the World Championship is the only thing left to do in his RC career.

Being a huge Ryan Maifield fan myself, I wish him the best as he ventures into the future with a new team, new teammates, and new experiences that allows him to reach his World Championship dream. Sometimes being in a new environment with new challenges makes you even stronger. Best of luck and I can’t wait to see where he chooses to go. I guess we’ll all find out come July 1st 😉 –

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