The Phenom Repeats!!! Back to Back 2wd National Champion


From last year’s awesome 2wdMod National win, to this year’s repeat…. Dakotah has made his mark as the fastest driver on US soil. Living up to his name, the Phenom has matured into a full blown Champion. It’s not often you get to witness such a dominate display of 2wd driving excellence against a stacked field full of previous multi-national and world champions. Yet, the youngster from Michigan does it again, and again …….in just 2 mains.

If you haven’t noticed in the RC racing world, we are upon the “Dakotah Phend Era” and anything he enters…. he’s going to win (or at least podium). With what he’s done so far this year, Dakotah has reached another level and probably could change his nickname to, “The Untouchable” and no one would contest.

The battle I wanted to see was Maifield vs. Phend as Maifield has been absolutely slaying it since he’s joined the TLR Empire and my predictions were Phend and Maifield 1st and 2nd with Cav finishing 3rd. Not too far off, but I’m really wondering who’s going to be able to stop Phend from becoming the most winningest driver of all time in the modern era? One thing I do know is steel sharpens steel and I can’t wait for next year’s IFMAR WORLDS. Congrats to TLR for winning yet another 2wdMod National title and super congrats to Dakotah Phend on his repeat in the highly coveted 2wd class.

Dakota 2wd

Dakotah’s Talk it up Tuesday interview with LiveRC is a great read as he talks about his new teammate Maifield, rear motor 22, and his discontinued 22T truck!

Below is some detailed photos of the champ’s car in all its glory. I’m not a fan of the silver aluminum weights Maifield and Phend have been using as of late, but whatever… they win so you know it works. Thanks to LiveRC for the photos and video. Please check out their website for more info. Also check out TLR’s website and Facebook page for those interested in learning more about their awesome electric and nitro lineup.

Here is the link to Team Orion, which Phend, Cav, Maifield, Tessman used to win all the modified titles at this year’s Nationals to learn more about the gear. As I always say…….. if it’s good enough for the champs, it’s good enough for me!

Electric_Off_Road_Nationals_0144  Electric_Off_Road_Nationals_0017
Electric-Off-Road-Nationals-0019_md  Electric-Off-Road-Nationals-0016_md

What was really disappointing about this year’s Nationals…… no A-main videos. Really? No main videos? With a little bit of scouring the interwebs, I was able to find round 3 qualifier below. Thanks to TLR for the video.

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