Product Watch: Vision Racing TLR Goodies

At the Lunsford Race in Albany, Oregon, I was able to catch a sneak peak at a few new products from Vision Racing. If you haven’t heard of VR yet, I’d definitely keep my eyes open for their awesome products as they specialize in carbon fiber upgrades for the major brands. One of the items that caught my eye was the carbon fiber front shock tower for the 22 1.0/2.0 platform. Sure, there are a lot of carbon fiber shock towers out there, but this one stands out a bit more than the rest. With a closer look, the construction is top notch, CNC worked 5mm QUASI-ISOTROPIC  carbon fibers. Stylish AND fancy!


I was also informed that the design had one thing in mind…. that is to let as much air pass the shock tower as possible while maintaining durability and strength. By not restricting the air-flow, the cab-forward bodies would benefit more from the increase air flow than the stock tower. This makes a lot of sense as aero seems to be all the rage these days. The theory is to increase down-force by using what is already there…. the cab forward bodies.

Another aspect I thought was really cool was the micro-adjustment holes for the front shocks. Not only do you get the stock holes, you also get the in-between holes as well. For those in search of micro-tuning their 22 rides, this option adds another dimension.

2 other products that were on display were for the 22-4. One was a shorty pack battery brace made of the same fancy carbon fiber and the other was a carbon steering rod. Both look like very nice upgrades for the 22-4 owners. Have a look at the pics below.

IMG_5359   IMG_5361

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