Jay Drakford wins 2wdMod at the 2015 East Coast Shootout

On February 7th the track raceway held the 2015 east coast shootout. It was a prestigious event with top drivers from all across the region with people coming for one purpose and one purpose only… To end up on podium! The race was sponsored by E1D, Proline,Viper and Boca Bearings. With over 120+ entries it was jam packed awesome! And it was an overall great day of racing.

Jay Drakford 2wd mod winner

Congrats to Jay Drakford for winning the 2wd Modified class!

Here are some quotes from the race:
Mimi Wong the Track raceway owner said, “It is always good seeing big names walk through our doors and have a smile on there face.”

Bill Dolch FTM Grip Owner commented, “It is just so amazing to have a group of guys come together and race it out on a high quality track.”


Ac Baker noted, “It’s such an awesome atmoshpere, anyone will help you and you can just relax.”


Enzo Albertoni FTM Grip Team Manager ” It is by far one of the best events we have had all year and it’s great to see people from out of state to make it down here for a showdown of the best of the best for a weekend race!!”

today 2

Race results

Pro 2
Pro 2

Pro 4

Pro 4 Amain

Stadium Truck
stadium truck

4wd Modified

Thank Enzo Albertoni for the write up.

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