Why You Like RC’s Bro?

So I wanted to know why racers spend so much time dedicating themselves to racing? From all the prep work, the travel, the hotels, entry fees, yada yada yada………. the list just goes on and on and yet a lot of us are die-hard racers to the core. To explore the racer’s passion a bit more, I put together this fun little video to see what other racers had to say about why they like RC racing so much. Check out the clip and comment below or directly to Youtube.

For the love of racing…..

– Thomas Tran

One thought on “Why You Like RC’s Bro?

  1. I grew up riding BMX and Dirtbikes and always wanted to race but never got the oppurtunity plus I dont like being injured so RC is an outlet and a way to express your competitive racing needs. Also there is fun in building something from nothing and then putting it on a course and seeing how fast you can make it go.

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