In the Pits with Ron Schuur of HobbyWing

2015_INS_rd2_Ron Schuur

– In the Pits with Ron Schuur and HobbyWing –

Jason Ruona: Ron, you are here supporting HobbyWing this weekend and have a few very quick drivers in attendance, who are the favorites in the stock classes?

Ron Schuur: My favorites this weekend, that’s really tough as there are many quick drivers I’ve noticed from practice.  I think we’ll see Shane Borden, Evan Overmars, Casey Vitale, and Ron Begeot come into mind as racers to watch.

JR: Will this track require any different settings or adjustments compared with other tracks you attend?

RS: This track here at Tacoma R/C Raceway requires attention to gearing.  We’re running an FDR of 6.3  to optimal the infield speed.  ESC settings changed include the use of drag brake of up to 8% which we normally avoid.  With the low track temperature here the motor temperatures were seeing are 100F to 120F and cooler is always faster.

JR: I hear a lot of chatter in the pits about temperatures and fans being attached to limit heat. How does the HobbyWing hold up to the heat and what range should a racer look for when competing at a high level in the stock class?

RS: Hobbywing offers three esc’s that are used in the majority of racing.  They are the Just Stock, V3.1 Stock SPEC, and a full aluminum bodied V3.1 esc.  For stock racing 13.5, 17.5, 21.5 etc a fan is not required unless the ambient temperatures are above 90F then put the fan which came on the esc back on.  In Modified the Just Stock is not used but the other two again would require a fan at temperatures above 90F as a general rule.

JR: What would you recommend as starting settings in terms of speed control profile on a track like Tacoma R/C Raceway?

RS: Stock Settings – Tacoma
LVC – Disabled
ESC Overheat – 125F
motor heat – 125F
PR Sw point – 55
1st punch rate – 27
2nd punch rate – 30
Th Curve – Linear
Neutral Range – 6%
Drag Brake – 8
Brake Strength – 75%
Initial Brake – =Drag Brake
Brk SW Point – 80%
1st Brk Rate – 10
2nd Brk Rate – 16
Brake Curve – Linear
No Timing Function used

JR: There seems to be a growing interest this year in the HobbyWing product, what do you attribute the growing popularity to?

RS: Yes Hobbywing is most definitely growing in popularity.  There are several factors coming together in my mind allowing this to occur.  The two most affecting this are; that are making a huge investment in getting out to major events beginning late last year.  Also the presence of Hobbywing North America (formerly Falcon Sekido) the past 2 years with local USA support out of Los Angeles becoming common knowledge.  Previously Hobbywing was known more of more as an Ebay or Hong Kong brand.

JR: I notice you attend a lot of events over the course of the year to support your drivers and equipment. What type of advise would you give to drivers attending a large event for the first time and racing in the stock classes?

RS: Yes I’ve been fortunate to attend more events than previously.  My advice for those attending the larger events for the first time would be. the following:

1 – Know your equipment – the biggest thing I’ve seen happen is getting too caught up in all the new products and are unfamiliar with them causing confusion and uncertainty

2 – Maintain your sleep over the longer 3 or more day events.  In most situations sleep will be the best adjustment for your racing.

3 – Maybe most important visit with your pit neighbors, just relax and enjoy the event.

4 – There are many factory racers or representatives there to get information or support from.

Thanks for your time and good luck this weekend.

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