JConcepts Spring INS – 2wd and 4wd Results!


Wrapping up an awesome weekend is not easy to do. Especially trying to write everything for every class. I’m going to first off, write about 2wd and 4wd so the videos can have their space and time. Cheers to everyone that came out for the weekend and thank you for participating in such a wonderful race here in the NW. I’m been told by Jason he will be back next year and hopefully this will happen year after year so all of us can have something special here in the NW!


After 4 intense, qualifying rounds, TLR/JConcepts’ Ryan Maifield would earn top honors and lead the pack around in A1. Within the first minute, the top 3 drivers would slowly separate themselves from the rest of the field. AE/JConcepts’ Michael Schoettler would be the first to make a small mistake after landing wide in the double triple section, teammate Spencer Rivkin would capitalize on Schoettler’s mistake and take over 2nd. Both drivers would work together to try and reel Maifield back in, but as the gap was starting to shrink, it would be Rivkin who makes a small error in the chicane section and give 2nd back to Schoettler. On the gas and going fast, the local favorite would close the gap down, but there wasn’t enough time as Maifield would take the checkered flag and win by just 1.5 seconds over Schoettler. Rivkin would recover and finish 3rd. Maifield was flawless and controlled the gap like a master in A1.

The battle in A2 was immense and could be arguably the best finish to an RC race ever witnessed. The start was very similar to A1, but the finish is quite unbelievable and seeing is believing. Witness the best photo finish ever recorded in off-road history known as the “Miracle Pass”.

Also catch the action in A3 as Schoettler goes for broke!

Here are the overall results to a spectacular show in the 4wd modified class.

4wd Modified overall results
4wd Mod results


2015_INS_rd2_Q4 Schoettler 2wd

The action in 2wd proved to be just as intense as in 4wd. With Maifield on point and leading the other elite drivers around, Rivkin would make an early mistake on the 2nd lap and role his car on the turn stile. Luckily, the corner marshall was able to get him going again and only losing one position. This would give Maifield and Schoettler a nice comfortable gap from the rest of the pack. However, Schoettler would roll his car in the chicane needing to get marshaled. Just as his wheels touched, Schoettler was able to get going before Rivkin was able to go through. With the minor mistakes by his competitors, Maifield was gifted a comfortable 2-second gap from the field. With 3 minutes to go, Schoettler was on the move. Lap after lap, he was able to close the distance to Maifield and get within striking distance. As the two leaders charged onto the straightaway, a crashed car in the sweeper would clip Maifield as he tried to go on the inside. Meanwhile, Schoettler would clip the car dodging it on the outside. Maintaining his speed and momentum, Schoettler was able to come out in front of Maifield and take over 1st. This time, it would be Maifield closing the gap to Schoettler, but with time less than a minute to go, Maifield would make a mistake trying to push to close the gap and Schoettler would take the win in A1. Maifield would finish 2nd and Rivkin in 3rd.


Catch the action in A2 and A3 on video.

2wd Modified overall results
2wd Mod Results


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