Getting to know Team Orion – Ryan Cavalieri Interview


Name: Ryan Cavalieri
Age: 29
Hometown: Costa Mesa California
Sponsors: Team Associated, Team Orion, AKA, Airtronics, MX, UpgradeRC, Makita, Kicker, OCRC, RCE, PCH Hobbies, Lunsford, MIP, Darkside Design

Let’s start off with a few fun questions….

Outside of your RC racing career what are some of your interests and hobbies?
If I have free time, I usually like to go mountain biking, workout, and I’m into this TV series on HBO called ‘POWER’.

On the road, what is your go-to restaurant?
Any sandwich shop. Love sandwiches!

Where is your favorite place in the world?
SOCAL on the beach.

What kind of music do you prefer?
Hip hop and gangsta rap.


Now, let’s move on to the more serious questions……..

In total, how long have you been racing?
18 years

How many years have you been running for Team Orion?
9 years

What is your favorite thing about running for Team Orion?
Hanging out with JP at the races.

Could you tell me your best race memory since joining the team?
I think definitely winning double world championships in 2011, Vaasa Finland.

What advice would you give to new up and coming drivers?
Give it your all and make sure your equipment is dialed as much as you can get it and that your wrench game is on point.


Thanks for your time Ryan and good luck the rest of the weekend!!

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