Being at Worlds – Day 6 4wd PRACTICE!

4wd is underway with today being practice and controlled practice. As one of my favorite interviews of all time that includes the word ‘practice’ goes, “We talkin’ about practice!”


Anyways, there’s definitely a different set of drivers in the mix. Some of the guys who were great in 2wd are now towards the back. Thus is also true of the opposite with some of the drivers who struggled in 2wd are now towards the front. The situation is pretty simple…no one looks really dialed right now as everyone is still making a lot of mistakes in ‘practice’. The trick is definitely going to come down to whoever can find the easiest driving car the quickest will set the early pace in qualifying tomorrow. I have a feeling it will involve dialing in the front tires along with the setup, the weight bias, and the suspension in order to make a car that is still fast, carry corner speed, but not traction rolling when pushed.


Here are a few videos I did with Jason today as we push the limits of media by bringing the public some insights that isn’t found anywhere else. Check out the videos I edited while working with Jason and Allison here at the 2015 IFMAR Worlds with JConcepts!

New Product Video Debut – Steering blocks and hubs

New Product Video Debut – JC’s badass Honeycomb chassis!

New perspective from the ladies of RC!

4wd PRACTICE lol

Tech Tips – Setting up for astro with Brent Thielke

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