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Hara’s RB6 MM w/Setup Sheet@ Reedy Race 2013


Hara is one of my favorite racers of all time. If you had a poll to see who is/was the BEST ALL AROUND DRIVER OF ALL TIME…. Atsushi Hara would definitely be on that poll. Only a small handful of drivers are talented enough to win big races in multiple disciplines yet Hara wins them on the regional, national, and world levels. Since Hot Bodies doesn’t have their own 1/10th scale off-road platform, Hara elected to run a Kyosho RB6 in mid motor configuration. If you thought that was ballsy, he also decided to run a shorty pack in MM configuration!! Check out the pics below and see for yourself. HERE IS THE SETUP!


It was nice to see someone bold enough to run the RB6 in MM on clay and not ¬†AstroTurf or carpet! Here, Hara chose to go with the Proline RB6 Bulldog body and JConcepts Finnisher wing. If you haven’t tried a Finnisher wing, I’d recommend it b/c it’s definitely the wing of choice for almost ALL the pro’s! Not only is it sexy in styling, but very durable at the same time. The feel is awesome!

Instead of going saddle packs or your normal long pack, Hara is using a ProTek shorty pack mounted sideways with lots of weight around it. There’s a few shots floating around on the internet with Hara’s setup showing the weight and believe me its heavily centered towards the rear of the car. Of course this makes a lot of sense b/c he’s losing about 80-90 grams by using a shorty pack, but adding weight back where he feels the car needs it.


This 2wd setup started at the Reedy race, but soon the news of Hara running a mid motor Kyosho RB6 at the Reedy spread to rc lovers all over the world. I’m sure a lot of Reedy followers have decided to give MM a try since the Reedy (as I’m looking for my MM parts). I’m liking the fact that all the manufacturers are designing mid motor into the kit. This just adds so much in the versitility of the car and it’s capable usage. I willing to bet we will see a few more astroturf and carpet offroad tracks pop up across the nation as it is cheaper and easier to change track layouts.

It looks as if he’s running the Avid yellow spring package front and rear which definitely has a different feel than the K-springs. It also looks like he has opted to go with the RB5 arms in the rear.

So if you wanna try this MM setup and running on a track similar to the WCRC, I’d definitely try this setup out. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a setup sheet for his car, but I’m sure you can get it pretty close by looking at the picture and doing some piston/oil setup at the track.

Thanks again to NeoBuggy for the “Under the Hood” pics!

It would be fun if we had a few people post their MM story and we get a little discussion going on about it.

Have you tried mid motor? What do you think?

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