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Lee Martin’s TRF201 @ Reedy Race 2013


Here is UK driver Lee Martin’s beautiful Tamiya 2wdmod buggy! Probably one of the most stylish drivers of all time, Lee’s buggy is always looking super trick. Sporting a Proline Bulldog body and JConcepts Finnisher wing for aero, Lee piloted his Tamiya to 7th place overall and beating out drivers like Hara, Numedhal, Hartson, and many more. It really is a shame that there aren’t more “pro” level drivers sponsored by Tamiya to really showcase this car. It looks fabulous! At my local track, I think I’ve only seen 1 TRF201 car …… ever! So yes, I’d love to get my hands on this car to see what kind of drive and feel this car has. Maybe someday I can get a donor car from a reader so I can test product for the 201.

The chassis layout and electrics configuration is pretty standard here. It seems that “most” people have decided to go with the shorty packs this year at the Reedy, but as you can see Lee is running the standard pack with your typical electrics placement.

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The front of the car looks factory Tamiya…..except the caster blocks, axle, spindle arm, and aluminum hex. I’m pretty sure the reason behind this is so he can run the hex wheel setup? It also looks like AE BB springs on factory Tamiya small bore shocks and you know what? I really like the feel of small bore shocks with big bore springs. Since the release of the big bore shocks, almost all the companies have their version and I’m speculating that Tamiya will jump on board and release a BB shock in the near future.

In the rear, we got a hex adapter which is not native to the Tamiya cars yet. GET ON IT Tamiya! In this picture you can clearly see Lee is using the the aluminum BB shock collar under his Tamiya small bore retainer! Simple and easy. One thing I do notice is he’s using 2 less screw in his U-brace to add flex to the car. Making it happen! Awesome job Lee!

Thank you Neobuggy for the pics!

One thought on “Lee Martin’s TRF201 @ Reedy Race 2013

  1. The two empty screw holes on the u-brace are kit standard setting. I run mine with screws in there. Every pros’s 201 I’ve seen leaves them empty. I should probably take them out. :p

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