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Exotek RB6 Aluminum Susp Blocks

Exotek has done it again. This is another fine release from the upgrade company for one of the most desirable up-gradable parts on the RB6. If you tried to buy the genuine Kyosho aluminun RF2 blocks on the internet, you’ve probably been accustomed to seeing “Back Order” or “Sold Out” at every major online RC retailer. Unfortunately, Kyosho hasn’t been able to keep up with demands resulting in companies like Exotek to benefit from this supply shortage. You can order these parts directly from Exotek for $14.95 street price, which is a lot easier to swallow than the “K” price at $28.95 off of Amainhobbies (which is just a tad cheaper than retail)…. THAT’S JUST FOR 1 piece!!! So basically by going with Exotek, you get 2 for the price of 1 K part. What a deal!!! I think a lot of RB6 owners won’t hesitate to “Exotek” their riders out since you get basically the same quality for less $$$.

rf2 blocks

So, I want to be honest with everyone and this is not a ploy to sell parts as I get NO money from these manufacturers to post news about 1/10 scale 2wd products. I do this so all the readers have a source specific to 2wd buggies without the clutter of 1/8th offroad, f1 electric, 1/12 scale carpet, yada yada. You get my point. There’s a lot to sift through so I’m trying to make it easier for all the 2wd buggy fans out there.

rf blocks

I want to point out that you DON’T need any of these upgrades to compete at the highest level. They are tuning option parts and sometimes just “bling” parts. However, I do like the fact that we as consumers and customers have different options to customize the RB6 in the way we want it. My RB6 is probably a little different from your RB6 and guess what….that’s okay. Are these aluminum RF hangers a must have? For some I’m sure you’ll benefit from the added durability and can justify spending $30 for the set and if that’s you…GO FOR IT! The RB6 is a fine buggy and is able to compete at the highest level straight out of the box. The running changes Kyosho has made to the kit shows their dedication to all of us……… 2wd buggy lovers! As I say this, you’re probably thinking….”Oh he’s just a Kyosho fanboy,” ….. well yes, but I own all 3 buggies and appreciate their differences ……so I guess I’m a fanboy of the B4.2 and the 22 as well.

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