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Maifield Wins 2wd @ Spring Indoor Nationals

Maifield b4.2 Spring indoor

If you haven’t noticed, Maifield is having a phenomenal year. 2013 is proving to be one to remember for Ryan and with IFMAR World’s around the corner…. I’m picking Maifield as a favorite to win. Notice I said “a” favorite and not “the”. There’s 3 other guys I think have about equal chance to win 2wd, but Ryan is certainly on that list. If you watch the Spring Indoor Nats videos below, you notice Maifield has everything under control. Dustin Evans had a chance to battle Maifield for the win, but qualifying 3rd hurt his chances as he spent a lot of time behind his teammate Hollis. Don’t get me wrong…Hollis did absolutely killer and congrats to him as well for putting on such an awesome show. But….. if it was me, I would have let Evans through and tucked in behind him.

Some of you are probably thinking, “Why in the world would you do that? Stay in front and fend off everyone that comes near you!” In this case, I would have stayed in front of Evans for the 1st minute and in that minute, if Maifield was starting to gap…. I would have just swung it wide and let my teammate through and let him try to catch Maifield. With 5 minutes left, there’s a chance Evans could pressure Maifield and if those two battle it greatly raises their chances of them crashing. I can just hear it now….Scotty yelling, “Oh and Evans ducks inside and Maifield closes the door and the two collide………….and Hollis goes by!!” Then slip on by with 20 seconds left and cruise to victory! Haaa if the world was perfect.

Here is the video of A1 and A2 for your viewing pleasure. Click on the link to view them via YOUTUBE and courtesy of RedRC. Thank you RedRC for the wonderful coverage and photos. I just pay attention and make all the 2wd information easier for all you guys.

Thanks for your support. The site is gaining momentum.

2WD Buggy A-Main Leg 1
1.(1) Ryan Maifield – Associated – 16/5:04.310
2.(3) Dustin Evans – TLR – 16/5:11.069
3.(2) Cody Hollis – TLR – 16/5:14.593
4.(4) Steven Hartson – Associated – 16/5:17.537
5.(6) Taylor Larsen – TLR – 16/5:17.860
6.(8) Trevor Nault – Associated – 16/5:19.736
7.(5) Austin Horne – Associated – 15/5:08.568
8.(7) Allen Horne – Associated – 15/5:12.006
9.(10)Spencer Rivkin – Associated – 15/5:13.592
10.(9)Brent Thielke – Associated – 14/5:03.261

2WD Buggy A-Main Leg 2
1.(1) Ryan Maifield – Associated – 16/5:05.493
2.(3) Dustin Evans – TLR – 16/5:08.492
3.(6) Taylor Larsen – TLR – 16/5:12.626
4.(4) Steven Hartson – Associated – 16/5:17.340
5.(2) Cody Hollis – TLR – 16/5:20.442
6.(9) Brent Thielke – Associated – 15/5:02.184
7.(8) Trevor Nault – Associated – 15/5:06.877
8.(10)Spencer Rivkin – Associated – 15/5:11.139
9.(7) Allen Horne – Associated – 15/5:19.323
10.(5)Austin Horne – Associated – 10/3:46.230

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