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Avid TLR 22 Topshaft


You know, I was wondering when they would release this for the 22 series cars since they made one for the RB5/RB6 platform and finally here it is!

I’m a huge fan of Avid as I’m always finding myself TRYING NOT to buy everything they make. The shock stand offs, the springs, the triad slipper unit, the pistons, even their thingamajig little cases! What’s not to like?! For starters, it’s black anodized……yah and that’s all you need to know! It seems like a lot of aftermarket companies are worried about making it in blue, or red, or orange and so on……but with Avid…they just do it black and that has now their trademark……Super Stealthy Straight Ninja Gloss Black….Boom!

From the very 1st day I ran my 22 (early production model), I took the slipper off and put on the Kyosho slipper and spur. I never had luck with it holding a consistent slip and I heard this from a few people so I know it wasn’t just me. Yes I broke in the slipper spring, yes I know how to set a slipper and diff, yes my plates were scuffed….but the thing just wouldn’t hold tension properly. One lap I could clear a jump, next lap I’d be short, lap after that I’d over jump the thing. It wasn’t good….Off went Losi slipper and on went the K-parts (besides a lot of TOP PRO’s were using the k-slipper at the time). Then, like a neutered beast it was…it slayed the track like never befo.

So here is the info straight from the Avid website. I wish Avid would send me the goods so I can write up a review about this thing vs the TLR slipper unit. To be noted….you have to buy this topshaft AND the Triad slipper unit in order to make use of the Triad slipper system.

Product Overview

Whether you run a TLR slipper or the AVID Triad, racers everywhere will be upgrading their TLR 22, 22T, and 22 SCT to eliminate the special “mini” kit slipper nut and use a standard 5.5 mm hex driver to set the slipper clutch. The AV1020-TOP-TLR22 was born partly for necessity, partly for convenience, and we think racers will appreciate this upgrade as they can go back to using a standard slipper nut. Many Triad customers had issues with TLR topshafts which fluctuated in length and did not allow for proper spring tension on the slipper clutch….a problem no more!


  • 7075 Aluminum, CNC Machined and Hard Anodized
  • Works with TLR kit slipper clutch and AVID Triad Slipper Clutch
  • Both slipper clutches use a standard 5.5mm hex nut (included) and standard wrench for slipper adjustment!
  • Topshaft bag includes: 5.5mm nylon locking nut , Topshaft crush tube and TLR kit spring adapter.

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