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Avid RB5/RB6 HD Rear Axles


So here’s an interesting product by Avid that may or may not be of much importance to Kyosho fans out there. For those of you that have broken rear axles, I would definitely recommend looking into upgrading your axles with these Avid ones. Never have I seen a company stand behind their product and give you a “NO BREAK” guarantee! If you send in your broken axle (or axles) Avid will send you new ones…… ahhh snap! Maybe I shouldn’t have said snap….but that is just awesome. I’m gonna email Avid and see if their “No Break” guarantee is for all breaks or just axle shaft breaks b/c I can see this getting out of hand and guys sending in their super wore, junky axles that broke at the CV joint side.

There is another note to mention about these axles. If you are using the Kyosho stock wheels (hopefully yellow b/c yellow rocks your socks), then you MUST ream the stock K-wheels out to fit the oversized HD axles.

So with Avid you get, “Guaranteed No Break” assurance and replacement, the ability to use your normal sized locknuts, and you’re able to use this on multiple Kyosho platforms like the SC-R and ZX-5 cars. Soon, you will also be able to buy just the axles for $15.00 instead of buying the kit and always getting the full package for $24.95. I got to give it up to Avid for always pushing the envelope further and having products that make sense!

Here is the info straight off Avid’s website. Go there and see more goodies.

Product Overview

AVID engineers shouted “Enough!” after witnessing one too many Kyosho rear axle failures. We went into the lab and studied the design to see how we could stop those pesky DNFs for our Kyosho customers, and we guarantee you won’t break our Heavy-Duty Long Rear Axle. The HD Long rear axle conversion fits the RB6, RB5, and Lazer ZX-5 buggies along with Ultima SC short course trucks. To top it off, AVID is able to sell our HD axles as a pair for $15.00 which is the price you pay for a single kit replacement axle (coming soon).


  • In order to use the stock RB6 rear wheels, you will need drill them out to fit over the larger axle. We recommend a body reamer from the inside and it will do the job nicely.


  • No-Break Guarantee! Send a broken AVID axle back for a replacement.
  • Extended Threads for perfect fit with aftermarket buggy rear wheels by AVID, Pro-Line, AKA, JConcepts, etc…
  • Precision CNC Machined Stress-Proof Steel Axles work with Kyosho swing shafts.
  • 1.5mm (or 1/16”) drive pin replaces 2mm cross pin for increased strength, along with all sharp corners removed.
  • Fits RB6, RB5, Lazer ZX-5 and Ultima SC.
  • Set includes 2 rear axles, 2 aluminum clamping hex adapters, 2 AVID solid axle pins, 1 AVID decal.


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