UpgradeRC Vortex 10 Wing


It’s always good to have options………

As of now, there is really only 1 wing to run. The JConcepts Finnisher wing……period. Yes, you’ll occasionally see the RB6 Step Wing 2.0 used by the likes of Tebo and recently, Ty Tessman in his World’s Warm Up win….however that wing cost $13.49 (off of Amain) and you only get 1!. On top of that, the wing is made out of super thin lexan and in comparison to the Finnisher wing, is a lot less durable. A few hard crashes and it’s mangled. If you’re a pro and get your gear for free…yah run it all day b/c it’s a killer wing. For us normal guys……. Finnisher, Finnisher, Finnisher!

Until now.

Upgrade RC is entering the realms of 1/10th scale wings and taking on the undeniable crowned king. With more tech than meets the eye. I’m very excited to see this wing go head to head in a future review between the Finnisher Vs. the Vortex. I’m curious to see who’s on top and what the benefits are by running either wing. Are the dimple design really adding in wing flow? Is it as durable as the Finnisher? Does it fly through the air with more stability? Stay tuned for more to come!

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