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Centro C4.2 Mid Motor Conversion


Centro C4.2

What’s new in the C4.2 kit from the C4.1 kit you ask???

– New rear shock tower

– New rear aluminum suspension mounts and inserts

– New molded tranny case

– New +8mm aluminum chassis with more battery configurations

– New rear bulkhead

– New Proline Bulldog body.

The Centro C4.2 takes an elite level mid-motor conversion and makes it even better. I’d like to know if anyone can confirm if this was the car Cav was running at the World’s Warm-Up race in Chico California? For those who don’t know…Cav TQ’d the event using Centro conversion! With Team Associated not having a mid motor option as of yet, their drivers have the option in using either a X-Factory type conversion or a Centro. I have to say, the Centro looks awesome. It’s simple yet very sleek in design. +8mm aluminum chassis with a simple upper rear x-brace, carbon fiber battery tray and rear tower keep it looking high tech and high class. One thing I love is the black anodized chassis. Why have all the companies gone to the gold’ish aluminum chassis like TLR, Kyosho, Tamiya??? Buck the trend and just do black!

Unfortunately, the price wasn’t announced and the release date looks to be sometime in August…and I’m going to make an assumption just in time for Nationals and Worlds here in the states. But here’s the question……is Team Associated going to have their own mid motor adaptation for the B4.2 at the Worlds race?

Something tells me they are working hard on it this very moment. Have a gander at the pictures and get excited! It looks like an awesome ride!



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