AE B4.2

Vision Racing Carbon Fiber Steering Rack B4.2

Steering Rack

Here is a quality new piece released by Vision Racing for your B4 series car. It also works on the T4 and SC10 trucks as well so don’t hesitate b/c this is a great way to fine tune your ride. Changing ackerman can help with the way the car steers. By moving the ballstud forward or back, it alters the “Ackerman” between the outside and inside tires.

In theory, by moving the ballstud backwards, you will make the car “easier” to drive and feel smoother. This is the preferred setting for large, high speed, smooth tracks. The difference in front wheel angle becomes greater.

When you move the ballstud to the front position, you will make the car “twitch’ier”  around center…….meaning small steering inputs will have a lot of affect. The car will feel as if it is reacting faster to steering input, which could be all the difference in the world for a tight, small track. You’ll notice the front tires become more parallel with each other.

I say in theory because depending on your setup…your car’s suspension and settings like camber and toe-in will also affect how ackerman behaves and how much ackerman you lose or gain throughout the steering range. Play around with it and see where YOU like it.

When tuning the ackerman ballstud, keep in mind one very important aspect. Each set of  fronts give the car a different steering feel. Some fronts (with the combo of foam) will steer sharply and aggressively and some are rather mellow. I would tune ackerman to the car’s setup and front tire and not tune your buggy to what this guy or that guy is running. He may have an aggressive tire and to keep his car from doing donuts, he’s running the furthest back hole for a smoother drive. You on the other hand might have pushy fronts and need them to feel a little more knifey and by going to the back ackerman hole like, “that guy”, may result in more PUSH!……Not what you want!

Here’s a little snippet from Vision Racing about their new rack.

“Here is Vision Racing’s new steering rack for the B4.2. 3mm carbon fiber steering rack for the Team Associated B4, T4 and SC10 series of vehicles. The rack offers four holes which gives you finer adjustment of the steering ackerman. Also the bushings included are machined for tighter tolerances. Resulting in less slop in the steering system. ”

Purchase at Vision Racing’s website.

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