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Exotek DEX 210 +8mm Carbon Fiber Chassis Kit

dex 210 chassis 2

So here it is. A +8mm carbon fiber chassis by Exotek! Is this going to be the HOLY GRAIL for the Durango 2wd drive buggy? I’m very, very curious to know if this is the chassis kit that is going to take over the world?! In just looking at the pictures the quality is as good as it gets. The design and the engineering has been well thought out and planned. The execution looks flawless. The idea of an extended chassis has been around for a while now. Some cars adapting a +8mm to +15mm stretch, however I have to say this is the first time I’ve seen an extended chassis that IS NOT an aluminum chassis. Bucking the trend, Exotek has produced an upgrade that stands out from the rest. They are no longer following trends, but excitingly on the verge of something new. Also, this is the first HYBRID 2wd chassis as well! Yah,…..not that kind of hybrid. It uses a carbon fiber main chassis and an aluminum nose plate. Exollent!

dex 210 chassisdex 210 chassis 3

For general racing conditions, I believe the aluminum chassis cars are not the best for all conditions. Rather…… the aluminum chassis buggies seem to have a more temperamental personality. As the track changes, I find that my AL car’s driving characteristics dramatically change as well. You really have to be on top of car setup and anticipate the changes you need to make to the car as the day progresses. There are numerous variables that can affect the way the car drives throughout the day like weather from morning to day to eve changes, track temp changes, traction level changes, track smoothness changes, etc. All these can shift the way the car feels from one qualifier to the next. My B4.2 with the plastic chassis…..not so much. Of course it too changes as the day wears on, but it seems to keep it’s natural drive feel the most of all the cars. The “OMG my car is dialed” window seems to be easier to find as with the AL chassis cars, the window is the same, but it seems to really shift around……almost like you’re constantly chasing it. But when you find that dialed window…nothing is faster.

dex 210 chassis 7dex 210 chassis 5

So is carbon chassis the answer in making a more neutral friendly car that can kill it when its loose, but also win when its gripped? A huge oversight is that this chassis set is 25 grams lighter than the aluminum stock chassis! This is gonna make a huge difference as it will make the car quicker in acceleration especially when there’s tons of grip. We’ll have to wait and see how this chassis is received. We’ll know if Exotek has come upon something clever when we see the Durango pro drivers winning with something similar and other manufacturers producing the same thing. All I know is ……. I wish a had a DEX 210 and this Exotek +8 chassis to test. Maybe I can get a loaner :)….. Or maybe they will make something similar for the RB6 in the near future. Better yet, I wish some company would allow me to design a car. I’ve got some crazy ideas I think would be revolutionary!

dex 210 chassis 4 dex 210 chassis 6

** Below is the product description straight from the Exotek website.

Heavy duty performance race chassis for the DEX210.

Extra lightweight for more nimble response and with slightly more flex then the alloy chassis for increased overall grip to take advantage of the lighter weight.

+8mm chassis that includes alloy side plate extenders.

Includes a 7075 alloy nose plate for longer wear and extra strength at the chassis bend.

Chassis is made of 2.5mm thick USA made and machined carbon fiber.

Machined pockets at the rear of the chassis allows the use of LRC option suspension hangers.

Increased rear end surface area maintains chassis strength for mounting of the rear suspension hanger.

The chassis set is almost 1oz (26gr) lighter then the stock alloy chassis!

$139.95 MSRP

Requires part TD320122 Chassis Side Pod and TD320124 Side Mounts if you are not running the stock alloy chassis set currently.

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