Kyosho RB6

Exotek Aluminum C-Hubs for RB6

Diligently working hard to provide RC enthusiasts top notch products, Exotek has dropped a few nice goodies for the RB6. I have to admit, the red has grown on my over the past few months as I always seem to gravitate towards black for the stealth, less in your face look, but I am really liking the red color variant as of late.

caster blocks

First up is a nicely machined 7075 piece that’s going to withstand thousands of ballstud changes which means greatly improving durability! Yaaay! Yes, you know what I’m talking about…..those tricky c-hubs. With my RB6, I’ve noticed when I changed spacers on the front c-hub for camber…the parts slowly starts to wear out. Too many changes and you get a loose (or stripped hole) fitting ballstud that’s prone to ripping out from a few hard crashes and tumbles. Ultimately that can end your race prematurely leaving you a bit hot on the driverstand. It’s a great idea and very nice bling as well so please check it out and let me know what you think!

caster blocks 3caster blocks 2

Here is what Exotek says about them, directly from their website!

Heavy duty 7075 precision machined alloy C Hubs for the RB6. Machined down to 7 grams per SET but much stronger still then the stock hubs. The Hubs are polished, anodized in Kyosho factory red and laser etched for easy left right identification.

$35.95 MSRP. Sold as 1 pair.

Note: Due to the nature of 7075 alloy you may see graininess in colored anodizing because the anodizing is transparent thus allowing the natural 7075 alloy to show through. Regardless though the finish looks stunning. The graininess is not visible on black anodized parts.

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