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Jared Tebo’s Winning 2wd @ IFMAR WORLDS 2013

These photos are brought to you by the wonderful guys at NeoBuggy. Without their hard work and appearance at the World Championships, we would be without these little delights and the world would be a “sadd’er” place. Oooh, how bad was that?! Anyways, visit their site. I do not take credit for their work and will always give credit to the people that deserves it and they definitely do deserve it!


Chassis: Kyosho RB6
Motor: Orion VST2 7.5
ESC: Orion R10
Batteries: 2x Orion Shorty XS4000 90C
Radio & Servos: KoProPo RSX, Ko One10
Notes: Jared Tebo who took the 4WD World Title back in 2007 is running a new rear bulkhead with extra lead weight for improved weight distribution and traction adjustment to the rear.


So here is my favorite layout of the mid motor for the RB6. I’ve ran the saddle packs and thought the layout was heavy and sluggish. It was easy to drive, but because of the extra weight of the saddle (and car) it didn’t feel quick enough under acceleration and jumping. When I started to play around with the mid motor and shorty pack…the car started to come alive. It was more responsive, jumped better, and was a lot more fun to drive. It has character! Initially, I thought the shorty would be too light and be a horrible drive…….definitely not wrong as Tebo has taken his Kyosho to the top of the podium! Awesome race by Jared and way to go for team Kyosho!AT4_8462tebo2

It looks like Jared did a little custom job as he ran some weight in the back for more rear weight bias. I’m sure this helped his car rotate in 180’s as it increases swing momentum. Not surprisingly, he’s running the kyosho flat arms with the 1 hole from the old RB5….part no. KYOUM521-1. I’m personally a fan of the rb6 arms myself, but it’s a driving style thing, but what do I know….. Tebo is the world champ…not I.AT4_8465

A cool thing to note is that Tebo has moved away from the typical 4 or 5 hole Kyosho piston and onto what the AE guys have been using. In the front he’s running the 3 x 1.4 piston with 32.5 wt. and for the rears he’s got 2 x 1.6 pistons with 27.5 wt. Also, it says his ackerman is reversed meaning the arrow is pointing towards the rear of the car instead of towards the front. This is a huge change on how the car feels with steering input as they change how sharp the inside and outside wheels are in relations to one another as the wheels turn.  Anyways, below is the set up sheet for 2013 2WD WORLD CHAMP!!! Have a look, try it out, and give some feedback! I’d like to know how this works for you at your local track!

setup jpg

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