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Tebo’s 2wd REEDY 2014 Setup


So I finally got a chance to take a look at Jared’s 2wd from the Reedy Race and to my surprise, it’s completely different from the way he normally runs his RB6. I gotta say I do like the yellow in his new paint scheme and the yellow wheels as it gives it a bit of a flare and style. Personally, now I think he needs a new set of stickers to match the scheme better…. but still better than the gold he used to rock. So I just want to thank RedRC for their awesome pics of the Reedy Race. These photos are not my own unfortunately so please visit the guys at RedRC and click on their links and sponsors and show them a bit of love. Down below is Jared’s setup sheet from his own personal site, Please drop by and say hi. **Photos were taken before he switched setups so the pics are not 100% accurate with his setup as his setup sheet shows all the details to how is car was configured.

The layout is mid motor with Jared choosing a shorty pack placed in front of the ESC. Very classic looking config I must say. One special note is he’s decided to run his receiver on the side rather than center mounted behind the servo. These days, it seems to come down to a battle of configuration. I spend a lot of my time trying to figure out if I’m running saddles or shorty. If going the shorty route, it takes a lot of weight out of the car and usually I’m fine tuning it back in somewhere to make it easier to drive and more dialed. From Jared’s setup sheet, he added 10 grams to the rear bulkhead and with the added weight of the switch, cap, and receiver to the side pods probably adds another 8-10 grams per side.
tebocf6 tebocf7

So the shock package he ran for the race is much different from his normal setup, which according to him, “Wasn’t on pace.” Apparently, he used Cody King’s setup with a few minor tweaks and got his car working a lot better towards the end of the 2wd heats. Moving to 1.5×2 hole pistons with 27.5wt in front and 22.5wt in the rear and white springs all the way around is probably a very good move since he’s running a much lighter car without saddles. The pic shows flat 1 hole arms but Tebo went to the stock RB6 rear arms…. you know the gullwing’d ones that everyone ditched? Gullwings are dialed for 2014! I have a feeling they’re going to stay around for the most part.

See the trick custom battery strap hold down? I can see a lot of dremels spooling up already. Great idea to keep the fan on the speedo since it sits so close to the motor which generates a massive amount of heat in mid-motor. This way, the fan is keeping the esc AND the motor cooled down giving it better efficiency. Heat kills efficiency! There you have it… try the setup and see how it does for you! Please visit RedRC and as well when you have time. Click on the setup sheet below and check out the changes.
tebocf9tebo setup pic L

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