Team Orion New Product Release!

It looks like this is a defining year as Team Orion has announced a lot of new product at the Toy Fair in Germany. I’d like to have every single one of these and I’m really diggin’ the black look. It just looks like black gold. Hopefully I can get my hands on the ESC later for a product review!

Team Orion Vortex R10.1 2S ESC
As soon as it was released, our Vortex R10 Pro ESC immediately proved that it could compete with and even beat the best ESCs available on the market. Over the years it has been used to win the most prestigious races, World Championships, European championships, US Nationals and a myriad of National events around the world. The Vortex R10 Pro has proven that it can offer ultimate performance in all of the 1/10th scale racing classes. We are well aware that even if our products are successful, we cannot rest and have to keep working hard to improve year after year. Our R&D team, managed by Oscar Jansen with the assistance of Joe Pillars in the USA, uses the input from our world class team drivers to further improve all the aspects of our products. Successful drivers such as, Jilles Grosskamp, Jared Tebo, Ryan Cavalieri, David Ronnefalk and Markus Moebers, just to name a few, help us test and design the best possible products. Thanks to all this hard work we can keep on offering the most competitive and most reliable products to our customers. The Vortex R10.1 Pro ESC is yet another example of this constant search for perfection, we have improved many aspects of the ESC, to ensure that you, the user, can enjoy the best possible performance. It uses a new improved PCB design which reduces resistance and increase maximum available power, combined with a new refined software that offers even better control for the throttle and brakes.

  • World Champion
  • European Champion
  • US National Champion
  • New thicker PCB for lowered resistance
  • New generation FET for improved performance
  • Machined aluminum case with refined cooling system
  • Black Anodizing combined with Carbon look
  • High grade components for unparalleled performance
  • Highly customizable and updatable state of the art software
  • Dual sensor port for optimal sensor wire placement
  • Works with sensor and sensorless motors
  • Forward/brake, forward/brake/reverse and forward/reverse function modes
  • Designed for 2S LiPo
  • Easy setup
  • Status control by LED and audio tone
  • Optional program box and software available (ORI65153)

ORI65128 Vortex R10.1 2S Speed Controller

Next up is the Program Box now called the Vortex DSB-R +
The DSB-R program box is the ultimate tool to setup and update Team Orion ESCs. When using the program box, adjusting your ESC becomes child’s play and when connected to our high end ESCs, it unlocks settings which are otherwise unavailable to the user. The DSB-R Plus unlocks the full potential of your ESC. It is now equipped with a LiPo/LiFe charge status indicator, where the battery and individual cells voltage is conveniently displayed on the backlit LCD display. A must have tool for the serious racer.

  • Easily setup your ESC
  • Unlock extra settings inside the ESC software
  • Update the firmware of your R-series speed controller
  • Check the charge status of your LiPo/LiFe batteries
  • World Champion setup sheets available on

ORI65153 Vortex DSB-R Plus

Vortex VST2X Stock

The stock classes are some of the most popular racing classes worldwide. Most races use the rules established by the ROAR US R/C car and truck association, but there is also a number of races which do not adopt these strict motor rules, this is where the VST2X Stock motors come into play. This new sensor brushless stock motor is built using the World Championship winning VST2 technology but its extreme design increases its power output even further. The result is an extremely powerful 540 size brushless stock motor with outstanding performance. In the very competitive stock class where the motor turns are limited, this motor will give you and edge over your competitors.

  • Special motor for stock classes not sanctioned by ROAR
  • Extreme tuning by Oscar Jansen
  • Based on the World Championship winning VST2 motor design
  • Dual Sensor Wire Port
  • New sensor design improves performance and efficiency
  • Alloy case with improved ventilation system
  • Low resistance solder tabs
  • High quality stator materials
  • Precision balanced rotor

ORI28280 Vortex VST2X Stock 10.5T
ORI80277 Vortex VST2X Stock 13.5T
ORI28282 Vortex VST2X Stock 17.5T
ORI28283 Vortex VST2X Stock 21.5T

Carbon Pro 100C
Over the years, our advanced LiPo technology has won presitigious races around the world. Thanks to the latest developments from our advanced R&D team, we are now able to achieve new levels of power output and capacity. The result is our new 100C Carbon LiPo battery range, available in all the popular sizes and configurations and featuring power outputs and capacities at the peak of current technology. All of our Carbon LiPo are encased into our patented Carbon look battery case.

  • World Championship winning LiPo chemistry
  • Developed by Oscar Jansen, supported by our National,
  • European and World championship winning racing team
  • Extreme power output
  • Enhanced Energy Density
  • Extremely low internal resistance
  • 100C discharge rate
  • 5C charge rate
  • Heavy duty gold tubes or Deans high current connectors
  • High quality silicone wires
  • Robust carbon look hard case
  • JST-XH balance connector
  • Meets ROAR, EFRA, BRCA, IFMAR specs

ORI14060 Carbon Pro 100C 7200 2S 7.4V Deans
ORI14062 Carbon Pro 100C 7200 2S 7.4V Tubes
ORI14059 Carbon Pro 100C 6000 2S 7.4V Deans
ORI14061 Carbon Pro 100C 6000 2S 7.4V Tubes
ORI14058 Carbon Pro 100C 7200 1S 3.7V Tubes
ORI14066 Carbon Pro 100C 4500 2S 7.4V Shorty Tubes
ORI14065 Carbon Pro 100C 5800 2S 7.4V Square Block Tubes
ORI14063 Carbon Pro 100C 5800 2S 7.4V Saddle Pack Tubes
ORI14064 Carbon Pro 100C 5800 2S 7.4V Saddle Pack Deans

VDS2-HV XS 1007 Shorty Servo
The VDS2-HV XS 1007 is the latest addition to our waterproof high-voltage servo range. It is a short profile servo for electric vehicles with outstanding specifications: with a speed of 0.07s /60° and torque of 10kg/cm this high-quality device impressed our team drivers. But maybe even more important for them was the fact that the servo has an incredibly good response time, gives a perfect handling feel to the driver and precisely goes back to zero position at any time. The great robustness of the XS 1007 could be achieved thanks to high quality metal gears and a precise case made out of high-grade plastic and aluminum.

  • Waterproof
  • High Voltage (7.4V)
  • Dual Ball Bearings
  • Coreless Motor
  • Full Metal Gears
  • Programmable

ORI68028 Vortex VDS2-HV XS 1007 (10kg/139oz-in/0.07s)

The Orion Touch Duo also is on the way. Orion’s answer to the 2 charger lead system in a single box!
The Team Orion Advantage Touch charger was another revolution in the R/C world. Thanks to the color touch screen display, easy to use state-of-the-art software and a unique case design we created a new generation of chargers. The new AC/DC Touch Duo charger with its 200W integrated power supply offers the possibility to charge simultaneously two batteries with a charge current of up to 10A. You can simultaneously charge, discharge, store, cycle or balance any combination of LiPo/LiFe/LiIon/NiMH/NiCd/Pb batteries with great ease. Retractable feets allow for the user to incline the charger for ideal screen visibility. The interface is equipped with a top navigation bar that allows you to easily switch between the two channels and a new split view allows you to display simultaneously the data from both channels. As it’s the case with the other Advantage Touch chargers, the duo also features advanced setup possibilites, balancing, discharge and storage functions and a graphic engine to display charge and discharge curves. The charger is also equipped with a USB connector for firmware upgrades and two temperature probe connectors.

  • Touch Screen Dual Channel Multi-Chemistry Charger
  • Large size 4” Color Touch Screen
  • Integrated 200W AC Power Supply
  • 2x 6 memory slots for charge settings
  • 200W (100W/channel) charge power, 2x10A max
  • Charges 1-6S LiPo/LiFe/LiIon, 1-16 cell NiMH/NiCd and 1-20 cell Pb batteries
  • Multi language easy to use interface
  • New Split View Data Display
  • Wide array of adjustable parameters
  • Charge, discharge, cycle, storage and balance functions.
  • Input/output reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • Two 4-in-1 Balancing Boards included

ORI30235 Touch Duo 2x100W AC/DC EU Plug
ORI30236 Touch Duo 2x100W AC/DC UK Plug
ORI30237 Touch Duo 2x100W AC/DC USA Plug
ORI30238 Touch Duo 2x100W AC/DC CH Plug
ORI30239 Touch Duo 2x100W AC/DC JP Plug
ORI30240 Touch Duo 2x100W AC/DC AU Plug

Also the little brother Orion Touch One Duo also with 2 charging ports!
The new ONE Duo charger is a mid-range, compact size, dual channel AC/DC charger. Thanks to its dual 50W charge output, you can simultaneously and independently fast charge two batteries. The integrated balancer, ensures that you charge your LiPo/LiFe batteries safely and efficiently and the simple yet functional interface allows for ease of use even by inexperienced users. You can power the charger either by connecting it to a mains power outlet thanks to the integrated power supply or via a 12VDC power source. The charger is compatible with the most popular battery types.

  • Compact mid-range AC/DC dual channel charger
  • Microprocessor controlled advanced digital circuit
  • 2x 10 memory slots for charge settings
  • Charges 2-4S LiPo/LiFe and 1-8 cell NiMH/NiCd batteries
  • Automatic Delt-Peak cut-off
  • Up to 6A of charge current per channel
  • 12-15VDC / 100-240VAC input
  • Easy handling thanks to backlit LCD Display and 4 buttons
  • Integrated Balancer
  • Integrated 100W power supply
  • Input/output reverse polarity protection
  • Team Orion Design

ORI30241 ONE Duo AC/DC EU Plug
ORI30242 ONE Duo AC/DC UK Plug
ORI30243 ONE Duo AC/DC USA Plug
ORI30244 ONE Duo AC/DC CH Plug
ORI30245 ONE Duo AC/DC JP Plug
ORI30246 ONE Duo AC/DC AU Plug

Take a look at their fancy online catalog here or watch the video on the new product release below!


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