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Racer Profile: Maddy Steidtmann – Face of Change

In the wonderful world of RC car racing, there has always been a huge dilemma that the industry has faced since it’s inception in the early 80’s. After 30 years plus of development and growth, still to this day the industry faces the same challenges which leads me to wonder if things will ever change. What I’m talking about is very obvious. Have a look around in the pits at your local track and you will see. Next time you race glance around on the driver stand in what ever main or heat you’re in and you will begin to understand what I’m talking about. The fact is, in the world of RC racing…. females RARELY exists.


Luckily for us, at our local track we have one. Yes….. just ONE and the best part is she’s one of the coolest racer’s I’ve come across in my years of racing. Maddy Steidtmann is well mannered, very passionate about racing, and always looking to help out and help others. There are times when I’m at the track and I see her sweeping the track all by herself just so she can get better practice in. She’s always first to step up when the RD asks for volunteer corner marshals. In so many ways, you couldn’t ask for a better racer and I’m happy to bring to you my interview with Maddy. I have a hunch she’s going to be making a name for herself in the future so all you doods better watch out!


2wdMod: Let’s do the quick stuff….How old are you? What’s your home track? How long have you been racing, and favorite class to race?
 Maddy Steidtmann: Hi!, I’m 15 years old, Top Gear Raceway is my home track and I have been racing for just a little bit over a year now and my favorite class to race is stock buggy! Oh yeah!

Another silly one but I’m sure there are people out there that want to know! Ps4 or Xbox One?   
Maddy: Definitely the Xbox One, I play it all the time I have a gamer family.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions?     
Maddy: Well, I usually like to chew mint gum while I race. I think It makes me focus in on the race more and I’ll do better.

What do you love most about racing?
Maddy: I love the environment and the people. Everyone is so kind and dorky, and it’s the place I love to go to just to have a good time and hangout with my racing family.


So far in your young RC career….what has been the most memorable experience for you?
Maddy: My most memorable experience so far would be after winning a race and having people tell me I did a good job, it really puts a smile on my face

What has been most challenging so far?
Maddy: So far my biggest challenge is having confidence in myself to do better and grow more as a racer, I never had much confidence until I started meeting more people and having others around me encouraging me to do better, and to never give up no matter how brutal my main was.

How far would you like to go in this hobby? What’s your plan?
Maddy: I would like to one day begin going to bigger races and getting sponsored by Team Associated, I know it may come as tedious but I’m willing to work for it.

Being the only female 1/10th scale off-road racer around, has it been intimidating to run with the boys? You’re sometimes racing guys in their 50’s+!
Maddy: It is very intimidating for me because all these old guys know what they’re doing! But just racing with them and having a good time and also learning their lines is a fun experience for me.

Who is your favorite RC driver in the world? Why him/her?
Maddy: My most favorite RC racer is Ryan Cavalieri, he’s an amazing all round racer and has just one his third invitational class championship in the recent Reedy race…… plus he’s really cute!

If you had one wish in the RC world…..what would it be right now?
Maddy: My one wish In the RC world right now would be to beat my dad in a race, it may not be today or tomorrow but sometime in the future I wish to do so. Look out dad!

Lastly, who would you like to thank?
Maddy: I would like to thank my dad for always being there for me and always helping me with anything I need, and Shaun Brown for being a really great friend and always telling me not to give up, and always encouraging me to do better. And everyone at the track for making it a fun place to be!


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