PSM Releases 2.5mm Carbon Chassis for Yokomo BMax2 MR


The carbon fiber pros, PSM from Germany, have developed a super tech looking chassis for the Bmax2 MR designed for “outdoor use” or lower traction surfaces. With more flex, the theory is to provide the car with better feel and driving experience when traction is limited. On top of that, moving from the stock aluminum chassis to carbon fiber one will save you approximately 50 grams! That’s almost 2 ounces! Huuuuge weight savings. Since the hot thing right now in the stock class is to dump as much weight as you can, this is going to be a must have for those who are looking to put the Bmax2 MR on a diet……….. or just wanna bling out with CF!

Below is what PSM has to say about their new chassis or have a look on their website as well for other great products.

bmax2mr 2

● Total weight saving = 50.0g (compared to the original aluminium chassis)
● Ultra Lightweight – at only 63.5g
● Machined by – PSM in Germany
● 2.5mm Premium – Glossy Carbon Fiber
● Designed for – Outdoor use
● Direct Replacement – with use of original Parts

This carbon main chassis was designed to fit Team Yokomo’s BMAX2 MR. It reduces the overall weight for 50.0g and adds more overall flex characteristics, that gives you an advantage when it comes to low traction track conditions.The parts will be replaced with this Product.

Designed for Outdoor use.

Required for completion: Yokomo #B2-002SP (1x) and Yokomo #B2-002F (1)

Building Time: approx. 10 Minutes

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