Kyosho RB6

RB6 Loose Track Setup for Mid-Motor


Do you run on a loose outdoor, loamy track? I know what you’re thinking…. Rear motor time b/c mid motor on a loose, loamy, dusty track mid motor is going to be a nightmare.

In our heads we have been told….
1.) Rear motor for loose tracks, mid motor for high bite.
2.) Plastic chassis is better than aluminum chassis for low bite condition.
3.) Heavy cars are better for low bite conditions to get the weight over the tires. Put away the shorty packs.
4.) Long cars (+8mm etc) is a bad for low bite b/c of lack of forward traction.

So with all these negatives? How can a guy go out and TQ 2 out of 2 rounds and finish 1st and 2nd in A1 and A2 respectively with a mid motor car against almost 30 rear motor buggies? I know….. it must be his setup! Well guess what…. here is Joes Pillar’s starting setup for mid motor on a low bite, outdoor, sun blazing, dusty summer track setup.

Joe Pillars Dave’s R/C Mid-Motor Set-Up:

35wt Losi Oil/Losi 55 Pistons/Pink Spring/Medium Shock End Used Outside location on tower / Outside location on arm (front shock shaft length exposed 20.5mm) Middle on bulkhead with 1mm shim under ballstud / 1mm shim under casterblock ballstud

– Casterblocks spaced in middle position on the arm
– Spindle in Upper Position / No bump steer spacers used
– Ackerman bar ran in standard position as in the Manual / No ball stud spacers used
– Caster Inserts and RB6 Front Axles used the same as in the Manual 25 with no spacer


27.5wt Losi Oil/Losi 55 Pistons/White Spring/Short Shock End Used
1 hole out on tower / Middle hole on RB5 arm UM521-1 (rear shock shaft length exposed was 27mm)
Outside on bulkhead with 2mm shim under ballstud / 2mm shim under ballstud in back/outside hole on .5 degree aluminum hubs

– Hubs spaced in middle position on the arm Wide plastic front and rear suspension mounts
– Ride Height: 25mm front and 24mm rear Team Orion Shorty 4000mah Battery used spaced back in standard direction with ESC located in front location by Servo.

Tires Used
Front: AKA Super Soft 3-Ribs with Red Foam
Rear: AKA Super Soft Impacts with Red Foam

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