Maifield’s 1st TLR Setups!


After huge amounts of pressure and coming out with his 1st major win for TLR/Orion, Ryan Maifield has his setups available via TLR’s website. Not only for his 2wd, but also his 4wd, which I thought was the more impressive car of the 3 he ran that weekend. I’d like to thank RedRC for doing the wonderful coverage of his rides called, “Chassis Focus”. Check them out directly at RedRC’s site. Also stop by TLR’s site as well for more info on TLR cars.


Practice on Friday was a little worrisome as he wasn’t looking too good. You could tell he was very hesitant and couldn’t drive the car very hard. Although, keep in mind he was on fresh tires and no setup changes. After a few tweaks and going into seeding, he wasn’t the fastest yet, but definitely looking a lot better than in practice. He tried a lot of things, as you can see this is not your Joe average basic setup.

Sun-Maifield2w-5   Sun-Maifield2w-2
Sun-Maifield2w-7   Sun-Maifield2w-4

A couple things to note. Maifield ran with a brass squat block that is soon to be released by TLR. Not sure what the weight of it is yet, but I’m sure it’s very similar to the RocketRC’s squat block. Next, he ran the silver WTS weights on the side of his shorty pack and towards the rear of the car. He also ran the brass side pod weights as well. Next modification he ran was on the rear tower, he drilled a set of holes further in and is calling it the #0 position. It is obvious that he knows what he wants from his 2wd and is finding ways to achieve it. No one else has ever ran this much brass or drill the rear tower. In the mains, his car was in beast mode and you could tell he was confident with it as it looked very easy to drive for him.

2wd setup


His 4wd was in a league of it’s own. I was really impressed with what he was able to do with his car against Xrays, D413’s, and the mighty B44.1/2/3’s. I usually don’t post 4wd stuff here but what the heck, I think he deserves it! Great job Maifield and I can’t wait to see what he’s able to do with the car later when he get’s more time to test different setups and configurations. As of now, TLR’s are tough to beat with Phend and Maifield behind the wheel.


Sun-Maifield4w-5  Sun-Maifield4w-2
Sun-Maifield4w-6  Sun-Maifield4w-4

Probably one of the 1st guys to race competitively at a big race with a shorty pack 22-4 and wow was it dialed! I’m really excited to see him do more with this car as I feel it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Nationals, Worlds, I think Ryan has some how improved his chances to win. By sweeping the JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals, Maifield and TLR crushed the competition leaving Team Associated’s only win in the modified class was the RC10 classic class. My how quickly the tides have turned.

4wd setup


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