Final Round Goes to Schoettler


Finally getting it together and saying he hasn’t touched his car or made any changes throughout qualifying, Michael Schoettler has won the final round of qualifying and takes the overall TQ in 2wdMod by tie breaker. Knowing he needed to take a win to force the tie-breaker, the pressure was on and choose to run his good tires to make it happen. Going with the opposite strategy, Luke Smith ran his ‘sketchy’ tires to save his good tires for the triple A-mains. Smith laid down the fastest lap of the weekend so far with a blistering 15.0 lap….and on his sketchy tires. Finishing 3rd for round 4 was JC “Trooper” Johnson. It amazes me with the limited time JC has to dedicate to racing, but still can battle in the front of the pack. JC will start 4th just behind teammate Dustin Evans for the A-mains.

Michael Schoettler – 24  6:10.281

Luke Smith – 24  6:14.391

JC Johnson –  23  6:04.369

We are just starting the mains so stay tuned for a race by race update on the 2wdMod class!

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