Schoettler’s Winning Ways, Takes Rnd 3


Team Associated’s Michael Schoettler’s is back to his winning ways by taking an action packed round 3. At one point, 4 drivers were on a 24 lap run which would be a first for the weekend. Keeping his chances alive, it was important for Schoettler to win the 3rd round to give him a chance at overall TQ. TLR’s Dustin Evans put in a solid run. As one of the drivers on a 24 lap run, he recovered from a crash early on and bounced back to finish 2nd for round 3. Finishing out the top 3 for round 3 was John Walentia who’s B5M is looking quite handy and capable of winning as well. He would only lose out to Dustin by only half a second!

The level seems to rise with the grip and is very impressive to watch the pace just keep getting faster throughout the day. The last round of qualifying will be extremely important for the triple A’s grid as Luke has two 1’s with Schoettler having a win under his belt. If Schoettler could win another round, it would go to a tie-beaker to see who starts on pole. However, if he doesn’t, it would give Luke Smith the right to start out in the #1 spot for 3 mains. However, now with Dustin looking on point, if he was able to take a win in round 4, him and Schoettler would be battling for the #2 spot on the grid….. which means a better chance at winning tomorrow’s mains.

Tune in for today’s action as it is going to start in just a few hours!

Michael Schoettler 24  6:12.9

Dustin Evans 23  6:00.37

John Walentia 23  6:00.90

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