Luke Smith Doubles Up!


With the track being swept between every heat, the traction is definitely increasing and tire wear is becoming more of a concern. TRCR’s high grip is quite lethal, but having tread is important because of the way the track dusts up towards the end of the run.

Round 2 was a battle between the locals as Luke Smith was able to edge out his good friend Michael Schoettler …… by just .2 tenths! Dropping into the mod SC class with without any practice, Luke said, “Yah, I don’t think that was a good idea as it messed up my 2wd timing.” As the only driver tripling in and double out of the 5 pack, he definitely had a few issues with timing, but with a little luck and a lot of great driving, he was still able to TQ the 2nd round by the smallest of margins.

TLR’s JC Johnson 2wd was looking much better for round 2 and was able to challenge for TQ, but having a few mistakes took him off the 24 lap pace and still was able to finish 3rd for the round.

Luke Smith – 23  6:03.3

Michael Schoettler – 23  6:03.5

JC Johnson – 23  6:05.9

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