JConcepts INS – Rd 1 Qualifying Results

2015 JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals

Qualifying – Rd 1

Continuing from yesterday’s ultra hot start, AE/JConcepts’ Spencer Rivkin is back at it again with another stellar performance in round 1 of qualifying. Having set the fastest time with his new Team Associated SC5M, Rivkin was in full control as he finished his run with a comfortable margin over his competitors with a 20 lap 5:11.2. Not making any changes to his SC5M for round 2, Rivkin commented that his truck is “super easy to drive” and that “landing the thing is just cheating.” Finishing with the 2nd fastest time was JConcepts’ Jason Moberly with 19 lap 5:06.1 and Kyle Layton in 3rd with a 19 5:08.3.


With momentum and confidence on his side, the young superstar threw down another blistering run in the modified truck class and once again setting the fastest time with a 20 5:00.6. Another Arizona native and Team Associated’s Tommy Hinz would finish 2nd behind Rivkin with a 19 5:08.9 followed by AE/JConcepts’ and California native, Nathan Bernal with a 19 lap 5:10.6.


Round 1 of 4wd modified saw much of the same dominance with Rivkin topping the leader board against his rivals with the fastest time and the only 22 lap run of the day. With a near perfect run, Rivkin put in a very quick 22 5:10.1. AE/JConcepts’ Michael Schoettler would finally make his first run on JConcepts Smoothies and commented that as his tires came in during the run, his “4wd was getting harder to drive” and was planned to “go up to 10k in his front and rear diffs.” Happy with his 3rd place finish, Kyosho/JConcepts’ Tanner Day was able to put in a solid run for the round with 21 5:06.5.


Trying to make it a repeat of yesterday’s seeding round by going a perfect 4 for 4 in all his classes, Rivkin was definitely up for the challenge. Having a lot of experience on slicks, Chico is feeling much like home and the experience is definitely paying off. In a class of his own, Rivkin finishes round 1 with a perfect 4/4 taking TQ in the highly contested 2wd modified class with a 21 5:01.8. Finishing second is AE/JConcepts teammate Nathan Bernal who finished with a 21 5:12.3. Taking a 3rd for the round and only two tenths back was Derek Stephansen who put in a 21 5:12.9.


Congrats to Team Associated’s Kamryn Ayers who took the TQ in the 13.5 4wd buggy class and to Derek Stephansen for TQ’ing the 17.5 expert stock buggy.IMG_6146

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