JConcepts INS – Round 2 Qualifying

2015 JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals

Qualifying – Rd 2


With a flawless qualifying effort in round 1, Rivkin is looking for another clean sweep in the 2nd round of qualifying. Starting with modified short course, AE’s young superstar was on a mission to match his earlier performance by TQ’ing the round with a 20 5:02.1. Improving on his first run by almost 10 seconds, Rivkin and his new SC5M is looking unstoppable. Consistent and quick, JConcepts’ Jason Moberly would again post the 2nd fastest run with a 19 lap 5:09.4 and Kyle Layton would round out the top 3 fastest SC trucks with a 19 5:11.6.


Modified truck took the same fate as SC with Rivkin outpacing the field and taking TQ with his Reedy powered T5M. Making it look relatively easy, Rivkin’s time was unmatched with a 21 5:11.0. Not having a perfect run, Nathan Bernal would still manage to finish 2nd fastest with a 20 5:05.0. AE/JConcepts’ Eric Albano was able to put in his best finish as of yet and starting to look a lot more comfortable on the track and finished 3rd with a 20 5:07.5.  Unfortunately for Tommy Hinz who suffered a servo failure during his run and would have to make round 2 is his throw-out.


Moving a step closer to another round of perfection, Rivkin layed it down again in his Reedy powered B44.3 equipped with JConcepts Smoothies and put down the fastest time once again with another 22 lap 5:09.4. Having said all his cars are “so easy to drive,” no changes will be made for the next round of quals. Derek Stephansen (pictured above) would put in his best time so for in 4wd and finish 2nd for the round with a 21 5:01.0 and slowly inching closer to a 22 lap run. Kyle Turner would also capitalize on other’s misfortune this round and run a time almost equal to Stephansen’s with a 21 5:01.9. Only completing 2 laps before a ballstud would eventually loosen up on his 4wd’s caster block, Schoettler was forced to pull off making round 2 a throw-out.


Doing the unbelievable and completing another successful round of flawlessness, Rivkin would TQ another round of 2wd modified. Setting a pace untouchable by his competitors with a 21 5:00.1, nearing a 22 lap run in 2wd as well. Teammate and friend, Tommy Hinz would finally start to show his speed and score a 2 for the round with a 21 5:06.3. With some wholesale changes to his B5M, Team Associated/JConcepts’ John Walentia also put down his best run of the event so far with 21 5:12.2 finishing 3rd for the round. The battle for the podium is starting to shape up as racers are starting dial in their cars and inch a bit closer to Rivkin.


Other notable finishes of the day was the very popular, Kamryn Ayers in the 13.5 4wd superstock class with a near perfect drive to earn her yet another TQ with a 20 lap 5:03.5 in round 2.


Derek Stevenson would repeat his earlier TQ in round 1 with another TQ in round 2 of 17.5 stock buggy with a 20 5:04.8.


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