JConcepts INS – Q4 Results

With such a fantastic start to the weekend dominating his rivals in all 4 classes and already earning the overall TQ in all 4, today’s final round of qualifying for Rivkin was used to break in tires for the mains as he has already sealed up TQ in all 4 modified classes.


The combination of last night’s track watering and new tires, Rivkin struggled a bit to maintain yesterday’s pace and had to settle for a 20 lap 5:08.7, but still taking the win. The battle between TLR/JConcepts’ Jason Moberly and Kyle Layton has been on since the start of qualifying. Edging out his competitor, Moberly would finish ahead of Layton in the final round of quals giving him 2nd overall in qualifying with Layton starting just behind Moberly.

In modified truck, it was business as usual for the uber talented Rivkin. With a better feel of the track from his earlier run in SC, Rivkin was able to slingshot his way to the front and lay down the fastest time with a 21 5:09.8. Bouncing back from a “rough day of qualifying” yesterday in mod truck, but not giving up Team Associated’s Tommy Hinz was looking dialed and threw down a much needed 2 for the round with a 21 5:15.2 and secured the 2nd spot on the grid. AE/JConcepts’ Nathan Bernal would give it his best effort to try and move up for the mains over Hinz, but finished 3rd for the last round of qualifying and will start the main in the 3 spot.


Trying to complete another day of flawlessness, Rivkin was on a mission in 4wd. However, Michael Schoettler from the Pacific NW would rise up to challenge the seemingly unbeatable Rivkin. As the two would trade laps, Schoettler was starting to build his momentum and get faster towards the end of his run. Not willing to give away wins, Rivkin was also starting to turn it up a notch, but was unable to match Schoettler’s consistency. Taking the win and beating the Arizona superstar for the first time this weekend, Schoettler would emerge victorious in the final round of qualifying with the fastest time of a 22 lap 5:10.7. Rivkin would finish 2nd with a 22 lap 5:16.1 and Kyle Turner finished 3rd with a massive effort with a 21 5:01.4.


Building momentum from his TQ run in 4wd, Schoettler was feeling confident and would try and take down Rivkin once again. Early in the run, Tommy Hinz, Michael Schoettler, and Spencer Rivkin were all within .1 second of each other. As the race progressed, Rivkin would start to make small bobbles making it a 2 horse race between Hinz and Schoettler. Just when it looked like Hinz was going to stretch it out, Schoettler would put down a fast lap and close the gap. With 30 seconds left, Hinz would run into a bit of bad luck and crash into a flipped car right before the triple giving the lead and round 4 TQ to Schoettler. Hinz would recover and finish 2nd only 2 seconds behind Schoettler with a 21 5:02.2 and Rivkin would finish 3rd and take a throw-out. The overall TQ will still go to Rivkin with Schoettler starting 2nd and Hinz 3rd.


Showing her speed in the 13.5 4wd superstock class was once again Kamryn Ayers who had a great run and taking the overall TQ honors for the class. Ayers has been very happy with her 4wd saying its “really good” and hasn’t made too many change throughout the weekend.


With a 20 lap 5:00.6, Derek Stephansen would TQ the final round of qualifying in the 17.5 expert stock buggy class and take the overall TQ. Derek has shown great speed and consistency, which he will need for the 8 minute A-main event coming up soon.


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