2015 ROAR off-road NATIONALS with Team Orion

If there was ever an all-star team of drivers, Team Orion has the biggest names in the game. With the ability to cherry pick the best drivers from all the different chassis manufacturers, Team Orion has gathered multiple national and world champions that consists of Phend, Maifield, Cavalieri, Tessman, Evans, and Tebo. Undoubtedly, Team Orion will be hard to beat at this year’s nationals. But, what is it like to be a part of this elite team? Find out more as I join Team Orion for this year’s 2015 ROAR Nationals!

The best drivers in the United States have all gathered here at SRS Raceway, home of the Cactus Classic, for the 2015 ROAR Off-Road Nationals. Finally, all the countless hours of preparation and practice is finally starting to see an end goal as the racers have just wrapped up 2 rounds of seeding on this blistering hot 110 degree Thursday.


With the first seeding ran earlier in the day, the track was able to hold its moisture and provided a fiercely fast track and with the most consistent grip. Slowly but surely as the day went on, the track was slowly losing its moisture that resulted in a much slower 2nd round of seeding. Here are the seeding results to set up the starting order for Friday’s qualifying rounds.


Fastest seeding times –

17.5 Stock SC – Alexander Krieg

17.5 Stock Truck – Alan Wight

17.5 Stock 2wd – Tanner Day

Mod SC – Ryan Cavalieri

Mod Truck – Ryan Cavalieri

Mod 4wd – Ryan Cavalieri

Mod 2wd – Spencer Rivkin

With qualifying set for 9am tomorrow, the action is just starting to heat up. Check back tomorrow for full highlights, pictures, reports, and an inside scoop to Team Orion at the 2015 ROAR off-road nationals!

Here are a few pics of today’s action.

IMG_9725IMG_9728IMG_9084IMG_8815IMG_8946IMG_9743IMG_9582IMG_9160IMG_9428IMG_9448IMG_9656IMG_9777 copy

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