ROAR Nationals – The Final Round of Quals….


Kyosho/Team Orion’s Jared Tebo started to heat up with a fantastic drive to earn TQ in modified SC over AE/JConcetps’ Spencer Rivkin and AE/Team Orion’s Ryan Cavalieri by a narrow margin of 1.7 seconds. Cavalieri would finish 2nd earning him the overall for the class with 2 TQ’s.


Modified Truck saw Cavalieri jump to the top once again in his Team Orion powered T5M. With his top competitors having a few mistakes, Cavalieri would TQ by a comfortable margin and once again secure the overall TQ in truck for tomorrow’s triple A-mains by TQ’ing 3 out of 4 rounds.


The final round of 4wd only proved that Cavalieri’s 4wd is super dialed. Again, Cavalieri took another TQ making a perfect 4 for 4 and rightfully earning him overall class TQ. Spencer Rivkin would finish 2nd and Phend 3rd.


Saving the best for last, the 2wd modified final qualifier was intense. With a mid race traction roll-over, Rivkin battled back to earn the fastest time for the round just ahead of Dakotah Phend and Carson Wernimont. Wernimont’s run from the preceding heat was able to net him 3rd for the round and a much-needed result. With Cavalieri, Rivkin and Dakotah Phend all having the same points after taking their best 2 rounds, Ryan Cavalieri would win the tree way tie-breaker and takes all 4 TQ’s in the modified classes! Phend will start 2nd followed by Rivkin for tomorrow’s grid.

In stock 17.5 SC, top seed Alexander Krieg would take his first TQ over Kyle Layton and Wayne Wyrick. Krieg would finish 4 seconds ahead of Layton with Layton and Wyrick running nearly identical times in different heats and only separated by .4 seconds.

Coming out of nowhere, Kyle Davis would TQ the final round of stock over Nathan Chase and Andy Krivitz. The top 3 would only be separated by just 3 second apart after 6 minutes of racing.


In the final round of 17.5 stock buggy, Kyosho/Team Orion’s Tanner Day was able to step up and deliver another TQ run to earn him the overall TQ in 17.5 stock buggy. With her best finish in qualifying, AE/Reedy’s Kamryn Ayers would finish less than a second behind Day on the clock with Alexander Krieg rounding out the top 3 for the round.

Overall TQ by class

17.5 Stock SC – Tanner Day

17.5 Stock Truck – Alan Wight

17.5 Stock 2wd – Tanner Day

Mod SC – Ryan Cavalieri

Mod Truck – Ryan Cavalieri

Mod 4wd – Ryan Cavalieri

Mod 2wd – Ryan Cavalieri

Tomorrow…we will crown new National Champions!

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