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Cav’s B4.2 @ Reedy Race 2013

Congratulations to Cavalieri for winning the 2013 Reedy Race of Champions! Being one of the most talented drivers in the world AND racing at his home track, WCRC, it’s gonna take a real miracle to win the Reedy Championship from Ryan. However, TLR’s Dustin Evans almost did it again in 2013 with the decision coming down to the tie-breaker! Awesome job guys.

So I gathered a few pics from NeoBuggy and with their permission to post on my website….. I wanted to take a look at the hot trends floating around in the 2wdmod world. First up, the Champion and his car.

Cavalieri’s B4.2


– Proline Bulldog Body

– JC Finnisher wing

– Dibrino Designs paint

– Upgrade RC stickers

The easiest thing to notice here is the empty left side-pod. Cav decided to mount his ESC towards the rear of the car and in front of the rear shock tower, much like it is on the TLR 22. Surprisingly, he didn’t mount it under the battery strap to keep the weight lower. I’m sure he’s tested all the positions and just likes the feel of this location the most. Another trick point to note is the sleek mounting position for the transponder. On top of the servo just doesn’t cut it for the pros!

Looks like Cav is using titanium screws in places along with a carbon top plate. I’m surprised that AE hasn’t updated the chassis mold to include slots or holes to slide your servo and transponder wires through yet. Check out Cav’s custom holes in his chassis to further clean up the wiring making it neat and tidy.


Looks like the team has adopted the 2 hole caster block instead of the 3 hole. Also, not 100% sure but looks like carbon arms, front brace and top plate. Even with the new line of AE BB springs, Cav chooses to go with Kyosho pink springs in the front. Looking at this pic, Cav’s B4.2 is equipped with Kyosho gold rear springs, Carbon rear U brace, and 1/4 in each corner pocket. Unfortunately, we won’t know if there’s any weight under the foam spacer :(. All in All, it looks like the typical Cavalieri B4.2 that you could go and buy off the shelf! A few Ti-Screws and option tuning parts and you’ve got yourself a REEDY Championship Dupe!

I would like to thank NeoBuggy for the use of their photos. Their Reedy gallery is filled with a ton of great pictures so please stop by and check them out!

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