AE B4.2

Maifield’s C4.2 @ The Clash 2013 Winner!


It is now upon us. The era of mid motor is happening in the USA whether you like it or not. If you’re a die hard rear motor guy this might be a few more nails in that rear motor coffin b/c last year the track was all rear motor cars and this year…… well by now I’m sure you’ve noticed. Is this the industry forcing this new style car upon us or is this really what is faster and easier to drive? That’s a whole different can of worms we can discuss later so let’s take a look at Maifield’s winning C4.2. It is one fantastic looking car!

These pictures and results were all courtesy of the fantastic crew at RedRC. I didn’t shoot these photos and give credit to all those hard working guys over at RedRC and if you have time……. visit their RC site for total news coverage. I just gather the 2wd info so it’s a one stop shop for anything 2wd related with a bit of words and verses.

Sat-MaifieldC42-8 Sat-MaifieldC42-3

From the left pic, the car is with saddles, however they are side by side rather than the front to back that we’ve seen on Tebo’s RB6 and Evan’s 22. In this configuration, the car will have more mass towards the rear and more side to side weight transfer, but less weight down the center. If the pack is front to back stacked, the mass would be more inline down the car’s natural center of gravity and centerline. Looks like Maifield is also running ROAR 2014 approved Reedy packs! Great looking all black look. Also his C4.2 is rockin’ the carbon fiber chassis rails for added stiffness. On the right, Maifield is rocking his own RM chassis protector. Perhaps he’s going to have his own product line in the future???

Sat-MaifieldC42-5 Sat-MaifieldC42-4

One thing I noticed and this maybe just the photo lighting, but who knows…….. The rear springs look like a grey spring with a white shrink tube added to it for labeling. If you look at the other pictures, the front springs look much darker than the rears which tells me the springs are probably different. The right picture shows Maifield rocking the XP servo, receiver mounted on the side, good ol’ LRP Flow action, and a transponder located in front of the servo.

Sat-MaifieldC41-1 Sat-MaifieldC42-2

Another shot of the rear springs being a bit suspect and the fact that the spring collars are so far down tells me they are not AE whites. Even when I run my B4.2 with white springs in rear motor (more weight over the rear), the shock collars are not that far down…..Kyosho golds perhaps? The rear bulkhead has an additional carbon fiber cover/brace added to it along with a different wing mount system that might be adapted from the B44 car. Either they’re testing/improving the design before release or this is Maifield’s own custom job. Either way the car won in the hands of RM. My question is………….. is this going to be the platform for the B5???

2WD Buggy A-1 Result
1.(2) Ryan Maifield – Team Associated – 14/5:00.833
2.(1) Dustin Evans – Team Losi Racing – 14/5:02.615
3.(6) Max Flurer – Team Associated – 14/5:15.928
4.(3) JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 14/5:18.730
5.(10)Damion Borkowicz – Team Associated – 14/5:22.084
6.(11)Justin Cranford – Team Durango – 14/5:24.312
7.(4) Cody Hollis – Team Losi Racing – 13/5:00.269
8.(8) Leon McIntosh – Team Losi Racing – 13/5:04.595
9.(12)Paul Sinclair – X-Factory – 13/5:08.488
10.(5)Ryan Eckert – Kyosho – 13/5:08.541
11.(9)Paul Wynn – Team Associated – 13/5:09.745
12.(7) Jason Ruona – Team Associated – DNS

2WD Buggy A-2 Result
1.(1) Dustin Evans – Team Losi Racing – 14/5:00.392
2.(2) Ryan Maifield – Team Associated – 14/5:01.590
3.(5) Ryan Eckert – Kyosho – 14/5:15.697
4.(3) JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 14/5:19.612
5.(4) Cody Hollis – Team Losi Racing – 14/5:20.485
6.(11)Justin Cranford – Team Durango – 13/5:12.166
7.(9) Paul Wynn – Team Associated – 13/5:14.028
8.(8) Leon McIntosh – Team Losi Racing – 13/5:15.319
9.(12)Paul Sinclair – X-Factory – 13/5:16.148
10.(6)Max Flurer – Team Associated – 5/2:14.751
11.(10)Damion Borkowicz – Team Associated – 3/1:27.469
12.(7)Jason Ruona – Team Associated – DNS

2WD Buggy A-3 Result
1.(2) Ryan Maifield – Team Associated – 15/5:23.183
2.(1) Dustin Evans – Team Losi Racing – 14/5:06.701
3.(3) JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 14/5:12.340
4.(4) Cody Hollis – Team Losi Racing – 14/5:20.661
5.(10)Damion Borkowicz – Team Associated – 14/5:21.536
6.(6) Max Flurer – Team Associated – 14/5:24.259
7.(12)Paul Sinclair – X-Factory – 13/5:08.491
8.(8) Leon McIntosh – Team Losi Racing – 13/5:09.583
9.(5) Ryan Eckert – Kyosho – 13/5:09.993
10.(11)Justin Cranford – Team Durango – 12/5:03.762
11.(9)Paul Wynn – Team Associated – 9/3:44.566
12.(7)Jason Ruona – Team Associated – DNS

2WD Buggy Overall Result
1. Ryan Maifield – Team Associated – 200 pts
2. Dustin Evans – Team Losi Racing – 199
3. JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 195
4. Max Flurer – Team Associated – 193
5. Cody Hollis – Team Losi Racing – 193
6. Damion Borkowicz – Team Associated – 192
7. Ryan Eckert – Kyosho – 190
8. Justin Cranford – Team Durango – 190
9. Leon McIntosh – Team Losi Racing – 186
10.Paul Sinclair – X-Factory – 186
11.Paul Wynn – Team Associated – 184
12.Jason Ruona – Team Associated – 178

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