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2wd Close Up – Andy DiBrino’s PNW Winning Setup


I got a chance to catch up with last weekend’s TQ and winner of the Pacific Northwest Showdown, Andy DiBrino. He was kind enough to share with me his race winning ride and of course……to share the news with all of you. I’ve been wanting to tour around and do this for quite sometime now and finally it’s all coming together. I’m very excited to attend future races as I really want to promote racing here in the northwest and give recognition to the drivers who deserve it. That includes the winners, the C-mainers, up and comers, and plainly just all the good people that make a difference in our local scene.

Because this is just something I do on my spare time (what little is left), unfortunately I’m only able to cover a specific car and class. If I was able to cover everything (trust me I’d love to), I feel it would be an even more watered down version of everything else that’s already out there. Since I’ve decided to keep my focus smaller, I’m able to deliver content that has meaningful substance, a touch of thought, and a lot of passion. Thanks everyone for their ongoing support.


If you haven’t tried a Kyosho RB6 in mid-motor, you’re missing out. These are one of the best driving cars I have the pleasure to play with. They’re well mannered, easy to drive, easy to work on, and parts and build quality above the rest (ahem shocks and diff are a few). As every car though, it has to be set up properly and in the right hands to perform and to get the most out of it. DiBrino’s RB6 was absolutely dialed. So dialed in fact he was 5/5 with crash free runs in qualifying and in the double A-Mains!!! Skeptics might be thinking….well that’s doable especially if he didn’t run hard and wasn’t the fastest. Yah true…but guess what? He TQ’d all 3 rounds of qualifying and then went on to win the double A’s in slayer style fashion. Talk about being on fire. He was the pace and still didn’t have 1 crash. It was an unbelievable weekend for DiBrino and congrats to him. This week, Joe Pillars and Andy are at the Spektrum race so good luck to the both of ’em!

setup pdf

Have a look at Andy’s setup above and pics below. It’s a pretty basic setup, with the minor (but major) change is he runs saddles in the middle as opposed to running them closest to the motor and having your ESC wires be a mile long. I haven’t tried this yet, but definitely going to see how it does. I’ve been a fan of the shorty pack in the RB6…but doesn’t hurt to try something new.

Also, videos will be added later when I have time to convert the files and upload!




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