Gullickson Wins 2014 Columbia Cup


The NCT Finale race #6 made it’s way to Pasco, Washington on September 19th – 22nd. As the NCT is a nitro series race, this event also combines 1/10th scale electric racing (ahem, its better half… biased? I know) known as the 2014 Columbia Cup. This 2 day event gathered the top racers in the NW for a final electric summer shootout and with a fresh track change and temperatures in the 90’s, Pasco was prime for some spectacular racing action.

In total, this was the largest turnout for summer racing with over 200 entries and 36 buggies in the coveted 2wdMod class! Making the drive from the Tacoma, Washington area were some of Team Associated’s greats like Michael Schoettler, Chris Bridgewater, and John Walentia. In addition, some of the NW’s finest Kyosho drivers were also in attendance like Roger Seim and “Wonder Boy” Tayler Wonders. AE’s local presence was also felt with Mike Hudson and Justin Wilde, whom did an excellent job on the track.

The race format was best 2 of 3 rounds using qual points to set up for triple A-mains to decide the overall champions in each respective class. 3 quals were ran on Saturday and saving the best for last, mains on Sunday. The track started out pretty green on Friday, but grooved up by Sunday and proved to be a great racing layout with mild jumps and great flow.

2wd Mod:

A1 – As privateer Dave Gullickson was able to earn the TQ spot in a hard fought qualifying session, he would lead the elite pack around the track with his B5R. Team Associated/Reedy’s Michael Schoettler, coming from 3rd on the gridwould charge hard and pressured Gullickson enough until he made an inside move to take over the lead. Gullickson, following closely for next 2 mins would bobble over triple giving Shoettler a 2 sec lead with only 1 min remaining. While fighting to close the gap to Schoettler’s lead, Gullickson would make a costly mistake on the treacherous double going on to straight and ended up on his lid allowing Schoettler to stretch out his legs and take a comfortable win. Gullickson would have to settle for 2nd and Keith Hadley would snatch 3rd.

A2 – Your TQ would find himself in a pickle as he made an early bobble on the triple putting him in last place with a lot of work to do. This allowed Keith Hadley to take the lead, but in the end it would be local star and 5th place qualifier Joe Cathey taking the win in A2 followed by Team Associated’s Chris Bridgewater in 2nd and Keith Hadley in 3rd.

A3 – With the overall still up for grabs, Gullickson would fend off hard charging Hadley and Shoettler early on. After 1 min in, Hadley would make a fatal mistake that allowed Gullickson to stretch out his lead and finish A3 with no pressure and giving him the overall win in 2wdMod buggy! Kyosho’s Roger Seim would finish 2nd in A3 followed by Michael Schoettler in 3rd.

Here is the overall results for 2wdMod buggy.

1st place – Dave Gullickson   2nd place – Michael Schoettler   3rd place – Joe Cathey

2014_2wd Mod_Results from Columbia Cup

Truck Modified:

A1 – Dave Gullickson would once again earn TQ in a Mod Truck class with 25 entries! Sitting on pole, Gullickson and Schoettler would check out and go nose to tail for the full 6 min swapping spots back and forth. In the end it would be the privateer doing work and taking the win in A1. Schoettler would finish 2nd and AE teammate, John Walentia, in 3rd.

A2 – As it would be, Mod Truck turned out to be the Gullickson vs Shoettler show, with the two drivers battling it out again in A2. Gullickson would lead the pack around for the first half of the race until Shoettler saw an opening and passed Gullickson taking over the lead. Shoettler would drive a clean last half of the race and was victorious in A2 with Gullickson in 2nd and Walentia again in 3rd.

A3 – With both Schoettler and Gullickson having one win each, the crowd gathered for the final showdown in A3. As the tone went off, Gullickson and Schoettler was nose to tail in much similar fashion as in A2 and again Schoettler found an opening and capitalized and passed Gullickson for the lead. While following, Gullickson would make a slight bobble dropping him 2 sec behind the leader. One lap later, Gullickson was able to find a way back on Schoettler’s bumper and pressured the youngster enough to create a small gap that allowed him to go wheel to wheel and make the pass. With 2 mins left, Schoettler would make another daring pass rubbing wheels and eventually took the lead back. Now with under a minute left and a gap of .2 sec between these two drivers, Gullickson put it all on the line and drove his heart out. With a half lap remaining, luck would be on his side as Schoettler crashed out giving the lead back to Gullickson. He would lead the rest of the main and cross the checkers in 1st place. Schoettler would have to settle for 2nd and privateer, Brad Hamer, would take 3rd.

Here is the triple A-main results for Mod truck! Great to see truck action back in the NW!

1st place – Dave Gullickson   2nd place – Michael Schoettler   3rd place – John Walentia

Mod Truck

4wd Mod:

In the 4wd Modified Buggy class Team Associated/Reedy driver Chris Bridgewater was able to put his reedy powered B44.2 in the top qualifying position. Once the mains began, Bridgewater was able to fend off a charge from the field and hold onto the lead winning A1 and A2, allowing him to sit out the last round. Kyosho driver Taylor Wonders finished second overall and Associated/Reedy driver John Walentia took the third spot on the podium.

1st place – Chris Bridgewater   2nd place – Tayler Wonders   3rd place – John Walentia

4wd overall

Here are the 2wdMod and Truck Mod’s winning setup from Dave Gullickson. Click on the pics below for the PDF!

B5 setup pic   t4.2 setup

dave's 2wd                                      IMG_20140923_213138_218

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