Viper Chassis Armor

viper armor

Viper R/C Solutions is proud to be selling authentic epic1Designs Chassis Armor with the Viper R/C logo. This high quality Chassis Armor provides 21mm thick protection and will reduce friction from contact chassis has with track. With Peel & Stick & Stick & Stick Technology, the Chassis Armor can be removed to work on your car and re-applied multiple times with no issues. Peel it off, fix your car, Stick it back and you are ready to go multiple times. The 5.5 in by 13.5 in sheet will fit 1/10 touring cars, off road trucks, off road buggies and many 1/8 vehicles.  Keep your chassis protected with armor – and show off the Viper logo at the same time!! Check out the details in Viper’s Chassis Armor Video:

Available exclusively at and Viper R/C product dealers everywhere.

More details at

white armor           black armor

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